Outfit: I wish I was more glamorous

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hello everyone!

Due to the fact that I have a lot of free time on my hands, me and my friends, Hannah and Tin decided to have a photoshoot which I will be blogging about soon but for now, I will talk about the outfit my friend Yani chose for me. Haha. I know. I have this certain sense of style I love so much that I never go out of this comfort zone. SO JUST LIKE A GOOD FRIEND (Sarcastically speaking lol).... She chose clothes that I wouldn't usually wear (which means never btw). BUT luckily she also choose things that still had traces of me. I also wore heels. Some of you may call me Loafer Queen or Oxford Princess so you may find the following images really weird and really unlike me but I hope they still look really nice.

Done laughing? Hahaha. Well okay... Now. Moving on..

All my clothes here are from Soul Lifestyle. I especially love the Turquoise blazer! To be honest I don't like blazers but this is just too cute to just turn a blind eye. And the dress was in a light minty green color and it had really nice details which were so me! And to top everything off, I just couldn't let go of my socks which were really me so I wore them with the pink heels she chose. BTW, GOOD THING I DIDN'T TRIP! For more pretty clothes like these, click HERE.

Oh by the way, I met some really cool people today! Love them already and they are super pretty! Kweshie and Gail, HELLO PRETTY LADIES! :)

All photos are by friend Hannah! She's awesome!

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