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Friday, March 09, 2012

Everyone may notice my peter pan collar addiction. Maybe it's just me and the fact that all my school uniforms until college had this kind of collar. I don't know maybe it's kind of a safe zone for me. So when I saw this white shirt from OASAP.com, I definitely knew that I had to pick it out! I feel more comfortable wearing clothes with this kind of collar than the pointy kind. I think the latter looks quite old and mature while peter pan collars look young and fun. Well, i love the pointy collar (what do you call those collars anyway HAHAHA) too and I'm going to experiment with them soon.

Anyway, I tried to stick with the school girl theme. I EVEN ADDED A CUTE RED BOW! :-D Hahaha. Omo. And I wore a brown pleated skirt and brown oxfords. I folded the sleeves too because the sun was scorching! And with long sleeves, the heat would be unbearable! I thought they looked quite cute altogether though.

Peter Pan Collar Shirt: OASAP.COM | Skirt: Thrifted | Shoes: MNG | Bag: Simply Felice

Well anyway, it was time for class so I put on my ID and didn't tuck in my shirt anymore. I needed to run because I was late! Haha. Removed half the cuteness of the outfit when I didn't tuck the shirt in. Lol.

All the photos are by my friend Michael Caliso (c)

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