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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wearing high heels is something really awkward for me but when I was on Tumblr the last few days, I saw some really awesome heels. Surprisingly, I found some of them cute. What a first. I never think that shoes with heels are cute or nice or anything but uncomfortable. Hahaha. Well anyway, I'm thinking of getting some too. These were the ones which caught my eye. I'll definitely search for shoes here that atleast look like them. 

Turquoise pumps! Been addicted to the color turquoise for some time now. It's a really pretty color! It especially suits the summer time. 

Of course. Not even me could forget Animal Print pumps. They look so fierce, in a good way of course! 

And of course, just like how a LBD never goes out of style, the same goes for these pretty black platform pumps.

LITAS! I think they're somewhat chunky but this lace one is just too cute to ignore. I mean look at that beauty. >w< 

Well okay okay. Back to being my usual self, the usual non heel loving me. I found some boots, oxfords and creepers that I found really cute and that I must have them in my life even though it would take a long time. 

Okay. Pretty self explanatory. THESE ARE AMAZING BROWN BOOTS! Who wouldn't love them?


Surprisingly I don't have a pair of floral oxfords and I seriously don't know why... Hmmmm.

Creepers too. Just because they look cute with socks. Especially lace socks which I apparently love so much.

After writing this... I feel really poor. Need to save up to buy even some of these. Hahaha. I also realized that almost all of my shoes are brown and almost all of them are oxfords. THEY'RE JUST IN DIFFERENT SHADES OF BROWN. Hahaha. *My addiction* 

Which pairs do you like? What are your summer picks? 

All the photos here are from tumblr and they do not belong to me BTW. 

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