I was supposed to go shoe shopping...

Friday, March 30, 2012

Yesterday, I was extremely bored and I wanted to do something fun. So what's more fun than going shoe shopping? Hmmmm.... Shopping for clothes? Hahaha. Well anyway, I went to Primadonna, because the last time I went there I saw some shoes that I wanted to get and now that I finally have the money, I went straight there. 

BUT NOW... The big problem. I couldn't choose which ones to get T____T I mean, I wanted to buy them all but I wasn't simply that rich to do so. I'm quite poor lah. Well anyway, maybe you could help me choose?  I took lots of photos! V(^u^)V

Okay... The first pair of shoes that caught my eye? You guessed right! Oxfords! :)) But with heels! 

Hello pretty animal print platform heels! :)

These are insanely cute! :-D I love the brown one. DUH.

I think I'll get these though. They're "creeper-ish" looking sandals. Love the cream colored ones :-D What do you think? These will work well with mori looking clothes too! I have to get these!

Once again, I love the brown ones. :-D But I don't know if I can walk in these! Haahaha! But they looked really pretty.

THESE! I want them in all colors! Another favorite! :-D These were more expensive than the other ones. But these looked so awesome. I think this and the creeper-ish looking sandals are my top 2.

I don't know why I took a photo of this. Hahaha. Maybe beccause I liked the colors of the one on the right! :-O But I think this would be great for summer!

I KNOW! Hahaha. Florals. They're so pretty! :-D

This one is prettier though! :-D I love how light and fresh these look compared to the dark one on top!

Ofcourse I didn't just look at the shoes. I found a really cute red bag too :-O I don't think I have a red bag except for my old bagpack when I was in the 4th grade. Hmmm.

Well anyway, those are my picks what do you guys think? :-D What do you think about my two favorites? 
Help me!! Hahaha.

BTW photos are courtesy of my 50mm f1.8 lens. Am I getting better? :-D

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