Haul: First Taobao Shopping Experience

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's my first time to shop at Taobao and it definitely won't be my last. I love how everything is so cheap. Gaaaah. If I only had the money, I would buy so much stuff there. Instead of buying directly from Taobao, inorder to avoid the hassle, I used a Taobao shopping service to help me. Miss Mel of StalkLife has been a great help in my First Taobao Shopping Experience. Now that the service fee has grown if you don't reach 500RMB, I may have to think about my orders more and I can't buy as freely as before but she's really nice and approachable. 

Well enough with that.. Here are the things I bought: 

NEW LASHES! More on lower lashes because I accidentally murdered my Diamond Lash lower lashes last month. It makes me want to cry. ;____; I accidentally pulled quite a lot of hair out. *Sigh* Well anyway, I chose really natural looking ones. To be specific, I looked for Dollywink looking lashes.

Okay. Let's start with these simple bottom lashes. They kind of look like Diamond Lash Cool Eye DL3-6. But wait... maybe they don't. Hahahaha. IDK.

These are dupes for Dollywink No. 1 Dolly Sweet! They look pretty nice. I'm quite satisfied with these! :)

These lower lashes remind me of Dollywink Otona Series no. 13 Baby Girl. Hmmm. They're not exactly like them but close :)

These kind of look like Dollywink no. 2 Sweet Girly. They look and feel awesome too. I can't wait to try these out :)

These lower lashes are really pretty too! They remind me of the Luminous Change lower lashes or maybe even the Jewerich no. 3 lower lashes.

Dollywink no.1 dupe here too! :) They look awesome as well. But I think the the first dupe, is better! I haven't worn them yet though. 

Dollywink no. 5 real nude dupe! Now I'm beggining to regret not getting a lot of this. :( It looked pretty ugly in the stock photo but it's really nice in real life. Gaaaah ;____; It's not super black too so it's going to look quite natural IMO.

Cassette cases for my iTouch. :) Aren't they so cute? I might sell one though. I don't know why I bought 3. Hahahaha! 

Okay. On to my favorite purchase. My new white creepers. Ta-daaaaa. I'm not a creeper person but I really find them cute =___= I still don't know how to wear these with my clothes but hopefully I can find a way. Love them and they're also super light! I was kind of thinking that they'd be heavy and awkward to use.

That's everything I got. I hope I can buy some more stuff soon. IDK.

It's summer time here and it's getting really hot and really boring. So, I'm hoping to do some more DIY stuff soon. Got nothing better to do than just make stuff. 

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