First Attempt: DIY colored socks

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Last week I was searching for new lace socks but they were all out of stock so I instead looked for some pretty pastel socks but they were also nowhere to be found ;___; Talk about unlucky

Well anyway, while looking at all the boring white socks the malls here in my country have, I saw 3 pairs of white socks that had hearts on them and I thought since I can't find any decent colored socks here, I might as well dye some socks on my own. That way I can choose how light or dark the color will turn out. 

Okay. Here is how the socks looked like before.

And here is how they looked after I dyed them! 

Oh btw, these socks are my old pair of socks.

Such pretty colors right? Just a quick and easy summer DIY. :)

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