Review: Kanebo Freshel White-C BB Cream

Monday, February 13, 2012

As many had noticed from my other posts, I'm not really a fan of BB creams just simply because they break me out. =_= But I don't hate bb creams in general. Some of them I quite like. One example is my Kanebo BB Cream! :) This is a Japanese bb cream and I guess that's why I kind of like it because unlike my korean bb creams this one does not feel as heavy on my face! I have super duper oily and sensitive skin. AND it sucks big time. I can't use many products that I purchase. So yes yes yes, I'm wasting money. BUT NEVER ON PURPOSE! I think I'm really thrifty! ;) Lol.

Well anyway, I love the fact that this came in a squeeze tube. I'm not a fan of complicated packaging! EVEN IF IT IS PINK AND CUTE. Well.... wait. Maybe I'm a fan. Hahaha. Anyway, the packaging is certainly simple and in some ways, boring. But anyway, the product itself is great. so enough bitching about the boring *cough* container! 

What surprised me the most is that this bb cream did not have a gray cast. ALMOST ALL bb creams I tried had this ugly gray cast. :/ Which made me look ghastly and pale. This had a yellow undertone which is very very rare in a bb cream!

The consistency of this bb cream is quite unique too! It's not as thick as other bb creams I've tried. This has got to be the runniest I've tried! But it makes application really easy! While it's coverage may not be full it still has decent enough coverage for daily use. It can cover redness and pores but for deep discolorations, you still need a separate concealer :)

The oil control of this product is so-so on me. But I find that when I use this, my skin doesn't look as gross when it's oily. It looks kind of dewy so two thumbs up for that. The finish of this bb cream is dewy too. So for those who want a matte look, better set this one with powder. Me, I always set my foundation/bb cream with powder.

This bb cream contains Collagen, Hyaluronic Acids, Silk Essence and a Whitening Formula. So it's really good for your skin. It also has SPF 41! So hurray for sunblock and whitening. It may look quite weird and yellow when not blended properly but after you do, it looks like a dream. I swear.


  • It's creamy and easy to blend.
  • It has a yellow undertone to it!
  • It has SPF 41!
  • It didn't feel heavy or greasy on my face.
  • It has light coverage but can be built up to get medium coverage.
  • It's not heavily scented (THANK GOD!)

  • It doesn't have a matte finish.
  • It's quite expensive! Much more expensive than my Korean BB Creams :O
  • The oil control is so-so. But then again, I have really oily skin.

Overall Rating: I'd give it 3.5 stars just because of my acne. Though it doesn't break me out, it doesn't help breakouts too. But I'm glad I have this because most bb creams I tried actually made my skin worse :/ 

Will I repurchase this bb cream? As of now, I will! But I'm still on the lookout for my perfect foundation/bb cream! :) 

I highly recommend this bb cream to those who didn't like Korean bb creams. This is actually quite nice. It may not be as cheap but the product is of high quality so it's worth the money!

Thank you for reading this review! I hope you like this and find it informative! 

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  1. Hi i just bought the bb cream few days ago as it was on sale.yeay! buat havent try it yet. only use it if i have outstation duties and on function. I hope it mixed well with my face as i have a very sensitive skin..


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