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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The busy school schedule doesn't permit me to wear anything nice so I'm just normally stuck wearing jeans and shirts, because school doesn't allow us to wear shorts or skirts that are not below the knee, so in other words only maxis, jeans, and tights are allowed and I've been wearing maxis quite often so no no no more to maxis for only a couple of days. Hahaha. 

Well, it was also my boyfriend's birthday so I decided to wear something with a pop of red for goodluck. Yes yes. It's because of my chinese roots! Hahahah. I wore my DIY detachable collar again to make the outfit more youthful looking. I've been looking for more materials to make detachable collars again. I've been dying to make one that's more structured and more "mature" for a more otona look. 

BUT I THINK I'D NEVER LOOK OTONA. EVER. Hahaha. People always tell me that I look like a kid. >w< No one wants mature marion. Hahaha. 

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