Outfit: A quick break from all the dainty things

Sunday, February 19, 2012

This is a really really late post! All photos are from last last wednesday! :-) I've been a really sloppy blogger. Hahaha. Well anyway, Just for a day, I wanted to wear something un-dainty. Because I've been in florals and lace on a roll these past months. So just once, a breath of fresh air. Hahaha.

Okay. Okay. I admit it. I wasn't able to let go of the dainty things completely. I still wore some lace socks to add a bit of me in this outfit. -___- My dear lace socks have grown quite loose though. They're growing old.

Oh by the way, I'd also like to introduce everyone to my second addiction nowadays! CHEESE STICK DYNAMITE! Yummmmm. My first addiction is Ginger Tea btw.

HAHAHAHA. I can't even. This next photo of me is just... nevermind :))

AND BTW, For everyone who asked how I make my ginger tea, I will make a post soon! :) 
You will see how sloppy I am in the kitchen! HAHAHAHA!

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