New Diamond Lash Series (Little Wink)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Okay okay. It's really evident that I'm addicted to Diamond Lash and I was really happy to see these new babies that have been recent additions to the Diamond Lash family! :-) Welcome the Little Wink Series (リトルウィンクシリーズ). These lashes were designed to be natural but still with volume.

Is it me or are these lashes kind of in the same range as the Dollywink Otona lashes. IDK :) Hahaha. Rivalry is such an amazing thing.

Anyway, the trays are light green BTW. My favorite tray color as of the moment.
Same as the previous series, it still comes with 5 pairs of lashes and it's still 1,050yen for a tray. There are 4 upper lashes, 1 partial lash and 1 bottom lash.

ウィンク Eye / Wink Eye

エアリー Eye / Airy Eye

シークレット Eye / Secret Eye

ロマンス Eye / Romance Eye

ミューズ Eye / Muse Eye

ハニー Eye / Honey Eye

I love the lower lashes so much! I think I will buy a pack soon! It looks like a beautiful lovechild of Dollywink Real Nude and Dollywink Baby Girl! So pretty! 

Which ones do you like? :-)

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