I'm getting really addicted to Ginger tea!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I've been drinking more of this stuff than water. It's really addicting :O

So..... It made me curious that's why I googled it! (>w<)

And I was amazed. It has so many benefits. I can't even.... But what I was mostly concerned about was it's benefits for my skin. Because as you all know, I have been suffering pretty bad skin lately. But it's becoming a lot better now. I switched to mineral makeup too. I bade farewell to my foundations and bb creams. But remember that this is not forever! Hahaha.

Well anyway, here are some awesome effects of ginger tea!
First is that it's support to improve your skin tone because it fights skin-damaging free radicals and it also promotes smoothness of skin and evenness in skin tone! Uhuh! Second is, it can lighten age spots! It can boost blood circulation that's why ginger is used in cellulite reducing treatments! And last is my favorite one. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, that's why it can naturally fight acne and the pesky bacteria that cause the ugly bumps!

Maybe it's because I'm going through so much stress this semester or something but I've become really addicted to this stuff. I really recommend this to people who are going through rough times, it calms me down and makes me relaxed.

A really random post but I hope you like it!

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