Review: GEO Nova Brown (WT-B44)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello everyone! I'm quite busy with school these past few days because our Thesis defense is so near and we haven't even finished the documents. And my skin is looking real crappy too. I have to photoshop my acne and slim down my face too. I look so bloated. -_- Ahh. School. Y u make me so crappy looking. :/ Thank God for photoshop. Haha. Gahhh. Well I wish my acne will die eventually. I have pimples on my left cheek, chin and a really really large cystic pimple on my nose. So painful ;__; Why oh why.

Well anyway, on to the review. 

I received these lens from, I have already reviewed a pair from them before. Click here to view the past review. Well anyway, they are really nice and they have really fast response to inquiries. And one more thing I really like about them is that they pack their products in really cute animal print pouches. No sloppy packaging here. They really prepare them quite well. 

The lens themselves too are so cute. These lens have a really really unique pattern on them. I have never seen these before. They look super cool. Somewhat like anime eyes. The pattern shows up quite well on my dark brown eyes. I just love how they make my eyes look! 

This is the stock photo of the lens and I may say that the pattern actually looks like that.

Diameter: 15.0mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.40 ~ 8.60mm
C.T: 0.04 ~ 0.13mm
Water Content: 38 ~ 42%
Using Cycle: One Year
Power Range: Plano (0.00)
Manufacturer: Geo Medical Inc.

Design: /5 -- I love the pattern so much. Love them more than my other brown lenses! :3
Enlargement: /5 -- They enlarge my eyes but they don't make them overly big and alien like. Just right!
Comfort: /5 -- These lens are quite comfortable! 
TOTAL: /5 --  Love them! MADDDD LOVE! *u* One of my favorites!

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