Review: EOS Buble Brown

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hello! I'm here with another review! :) It's been a while since I wore circle lenses because every time I tried to, my eye itched like crazy and it would turn all red and scary. So I took a break from wearing them. And I let my eyes "rest" a bit. Well anyway, It's okay now so back to my usual circle lens wearing self. Now.. On to the review.

I've been jealous of my classmate who had these natural light brown eyes and I've been searching for circle lens to lighten my eyes. And I came across the EOS bubble browns and I immediately wanted to try them out! They stood out cause they don't have the thick black limbal ring, they were just simply brown and looked lovely. >w<

First of all, these lenses were sent by one of my favorite store; Shoppingholics. This store seriously has the cutest website of any online store I visited. You can find one of my favorite gals too; Tsubasa is in their banner. Made the website 100x cuter and  more kawaii! ♥ 

They don't only offer circle lenses too! They also sell Makeup, Hair accessories and Nail art things. And they offer the famous eyelash brands like Dolly Wink, Diamond LashMelliesh,  Eyemazing,  Decolog, Jumily and Dolly GirlThe staff was really sweet and friendly, so thumbs up for excellent customer service guys.

Here is the stock photo of the lens:

Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.8mm
Water Content : 45%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

As you can see, the product was packaged REALLY REALLY NICE! :) I loved the boxes with the flowers! So kawaii. >w< ♥ 

The lens look really creamy. Just like caramed >w< Haha. IDK. I'm really addicted to browns and creams.

Well! All in all, I just love these lens! Really comfortable. Suitable for everyday wear. You won't scare people with these cause they lack the black limbal ring which I love by the way but these lens are amazing too! These make me want to buy more natural looking lenses! But I still love my "make my eyes really big" lenses too! It's good to have variety though! Hahaha! Anyway, these lens are worth trying out! These have a variety of colors too! Maybe you'd want to try them out too! :)

Design: /5 -- Makes me have really light eyes! They look great without makeup! But they may look creepy up close. Haha!
Enlargement: /5 -- Really natural. They DO NOT enlarge your eyes whatsoever though.
Comfort: /5 -- Really comfortable. More comfortable than my EOS Pure Max Browns!
TOTAL: /5 -- Love them! I'm planning to wear these lenses to school all the time! >w<

You can find these lens here:
Please do check Shoppingholics out! They have amazing products there!

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