Review: BK Matte Purple Nail Polish

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I was pretty sure that I haven't got any purple nail polish. This is definitely my first. And I honestly thought that my hands wouldn't suit this polish but they surprisingly did! :) Well anyway, this was sent to me by the BornPrettyStore. They have a lot of matte polishes in stock there so please check them out here. The black one is really pretty!

Please do excuse the messy sides. I wasn't able to clean them up! Hahaha. I really wanted to take a photo.
Well anyway, I love this polish! It's really easy to apply and it DRIES SO FAST! :) It's really amazing. I love love love it. And the purple looks great. I really wasn't expecting that. I used this polish for my nails this week! Purple Gradient nails! Look! Anyone want a tutorial? >w<

Do you guys like it? :D I was inspired by the night sky. Lol. I suck at this nail art thing. Hahaha. Well anyway, if you guys want to get this polish, you can find it here: They offer FREE SHIPPING too! :)

Visit their site for more nail art related stuff:

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