Last traces of 2011

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

These are some of the photos I took on the last day of 2011. I just noticed that they are the things that I didn't quite have the last year. I will stop the bitching about 2011 just cause it's over but over all, I miss Korean food, the arcade and the awesome feeling of being inlove. Haha.

Isn't it funny that whenever you're single and miserable, all you see are happy couples. -_-
Until now, I still don't get why it's like that but hey, I realized, being single is better than being in a CRAPPY relationship. Extra emphasis on the crappy part. The end of 2011 was kind to me by the way so I'm not all bitter about that still crappy year. I'm still thankful that it gave me awesome grades, new awesome friends and a new person that makes me super cheezy. *u* He makes me really happy and fat. He feeds me all the time. :O What.. Maybe that's a bad thing? Haha.

Well anyway, it's 2012 now and it's going pretty good. I hope the happiness will increase as the days go by.

Anyway, how's the new year going? Tell me about it! ^_^

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