Year 2011; The crappy year ended quite well.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm still quite a noob at this whole blogging thing but I just want to say thank you for all the patient people reading my almost useless blog entries. I started blogging last April of this year and I'm glad that I made a blog. I met many amazing people through this blog and this is definitely one of the few things I'm thankful for this year.

This year made me cry the most! Crying galore all day! Haha. I sound like a total loser but hey, we all will have to go through a pretty ugly breakup even once right? Boys treating you like shit and boys who trade you for other girls. Makes me want to forget all about them and just date girls. Hahaha. Lol. Joking. I mean, I cried alot but I know that It made me into a better person. Sounds really cliche and shit but it's true! Hahaha.

Well anyway, atleast is all over. Been there, done that. GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE 2011!

No more emotional shit these past few months. And actually been really happy! Kudos to my Mom, Sister, Erl, and friends. I sound so cheezy but without the 3 F's Life would simply suck. The 3 F's ~ Family, Friends and Food. Hahaha. 

Anyway, I hope 2012 will be really nice and gentle with me. I suffered enough last year, I think I deserve a break. I don't really like to beg for anything but I hope that this year everyone I love will be happy and I hope no one will suffer. There's no happiness in seeing the people you love suffer. I also hope for great grades this sem! 

I don't usually do this but I actually prepared a list of stuff that I wish to accomplish the next year! Hahahaha. So here's my new years resolution(s)! 

  1. I will spend more time doing schoolwork! Last year, I slacked off quite a bit and I grew lazier as the days pass by. 
  2. GET BETTER GRADES! Kick-ass grades to end the semester please!
  3. I will not buy so much bags this year. Maybe I'll transfer the money for the bags to buy shoes or some other things. HAHAHA!
  4. I will look for black boots and save up the money to buy them! I must not ask money! Hahaha!
  5. Wear less makeup on days I don't actually need to wear makeup! 
  6. Practice eating less fast food! 
  7. Drink more water!
  8. Change my hairstyle! (Anyone got any idea? Tell me please! My hair is dry and dead lol)
  9. Take better care of my skin. I have a lot of acne now. Oh God help. :(
  10. SLEEP! Hahahaha. I never sleep!
  11. Buy less makeup! TAKE NOTE OF THE WORD LESS. (Mom, if you're reading this, I said Less. So I will still buy makeup! Hahahaha)
  12. Blog more! 
  13. Meet new people. I should stop being such an introvert. 
  14. Read more books!
  15. Learn more about taking photos and stuff about my camera. Anyone want to teach me? *u*
Well.....  That's almost everything, I have more but I forgot the others. The motto for the year is to be better!  


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