Review: BoBo 3 Tone Gray

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Finally it's christmas break. So yaaay. More time to rest, shop and blog. And I missed spending time with my mama. I hope we can spend time together this break.

I'm now here to review the BoBo 3 tone gray lens. I received these lens from Gal Lover. And the first thing I noticed is that they had the most cutest vials ever. Love love love them. As for the lens, I love them cause they remind me of Chio's eyes in Memoirs of a Geisha and I freakin' love that movie. I really love the color of the lens but I wish they were more comfortable though. I love this design better than my Nudy Gray Lens.

中心厚度(Center Thickness):0.03mm
基弧(Base Curve):8.6mm
含水量(Water Content):38%
使用期限(Disposal Time):一年抛(yearly)

They look really pretty right? :D And super opaque. They actually look pretty believable, like you actually have gray eyes. :D And I don't get it but they look somewhat blue on my eyes. But still a pretty color.

Design: /5 -- My prettiest pair of gray lens. Looks super chio :O
Enlargement: /5 -- Not very enlarging, IMO.
Comfort: /5 -- G&G lenses are still my most comfortable lens. But they're okay.
TOTAL: /5 --  Look super pretty but not for people who want bigger eyes!

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