My nails just want to greet everyone Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Christmas break is making me such a pig. I keep on sleeping and I keep on eating. But no complains here. Haha. Such a good life. How are your Christmas breaks going?

I noticed my chipped metallic green polish looking so uglehhh so while I was bored and doing nothing, I painted my nails green and red. Haha. I know. I know. Such a corny idea. Hahaha. I placed white dots on the red colored nails but instead of reminding me of Christmas, they actually remind me of Minnie Mouse. Lol. So... so much for Christmassy nails. Haha.

So much to be thankful for this Christmas, and you guys are definitely included. Thank you for supporting and reading my crappy blog. I thought no one would read the crappy things I say. But I try really hard to entertain you guys cause that's how much I love you. N'awww. So cheezy right. Lawl. :"> I'm glad I made some friends here. And I'm wanting some more. Hope we can talk more. If you want, I'm always free to talk. Just send me an email or a tweet or maybe even talk to me on facebook and stuff. That'd be super duper great! <3 Well. Anyway, need to go. Still need to do some last minute gift shopping. *Sigh* And Imma leave you with a picture of my nails. I need to clean them up though! Bye guys!

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