Third Forest Giveaway: Lens Village

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Here's another surprise for my lovely followers! The very generous sponsored this giveaway. I have read that many want to try the lenses I reviewed these past few days so this is the chance to get them for free just by joining this. The giveaway will be done once again by the Rafflecopter app.

To join:

  1. You must be a follower of my blog.
  2. You must like Lens Village on Facebook. (
  3. You must like my Facebook fanpage. (
  4. You must follow Lens Village on twitter. (!/LensVillage)
  5. You must follow my twitter. (!/forestdoll)
You must do these 5 steps inorder for your entries to be valid.
BTW, there are also other ways to increase your chances of winning. (Refer to the Rafflecopter below)

The winner can choose any pair (excluding ColourVue) of circle lens.
The giveaway is open internationally! 
The giveaway will end December 20, 2011. 5 days before Christmas! *u*
Please tell your friends all about it! :D

Sorry for not able to post the winner on raffle copter. >_< Raffle copter is being a pain in the ass!
Anyway, the winner is Morn88!
Anyway, congrats to the winner! :) Emailed you!
Thank you so much to everyone who joined!
Stay tuned for another giveaway! :)

Oh BTW, please join my second giveaway ♥:

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