Review: Diamond Lash Beauty Eye (ビューティ Eye)

Friday, November 18, 2011

School has just begun and I already feel the pressure! I don't like being busy but I guess it's sometimes good, you won't notice anything bad happening when you're busy. So, yeah. Well, to be honest I don't wear a lot of makeup to school because I'm a frequent late comer because I wake up late and I have no more time to do my eyemakeup! Haha. I just apply powder, lipstick and a bit of blush on to look put together and awake. But recently, I've been waking up early and shit so I have the time to apply my lashes, but only top lashes. And I've been using my Diamond Lash Beauty eye almost every time I apply lashes. I used to not love these lashes but they grew on me and I love them now! *O* They super light and comfy so no discomfort. And the lash band is just the right length, it's not too long! :D So no more cutting up lashes, which I hate -_- 

I bought this along with the Diamond Lash Baby eye which I will review soon. I don't really wear bottom lashes so that explains my 2 trays of ignored bottom lashes ;__; I will wear them soon. I promise. :D

I'm loving Diamond Lash more than my Dollywink lashes. Maybe it's because they're sturdier. I want to buy more dollywink lashes but I find them really expensive. Ohhh Tsuchan ;___; I love you but I'm just too poor. *Cries in the corner* Lol. I only have 2 kinds of dolly wink lashes, The no. 2 sweet girly and the no. 6 baby cute. But If I have the money I want to buy no. 5 real nude and no. 1 dolly sweet! They seem like a really good eye combi! *u*

The Diamond Lash Beauty Eye is from the light pink range.  

 Baby Eye (L), Beauty Eye(R)

Here's a close up of the lashes.
This is the pair that I've been wearing. I wore this one about 5 times already.
I think it's not really gross looking. HAHA. I'm so cheap that I need to use my lashes a lot before throwing them away. ;___;

Here's how they look on my eyes.
The lower lashes here are my Diamond Lash Baby Eye cut into two strips.
I'm not much of a lower lash person and I always cut my lower lashes into two parts, because I prefer how they look like that. Just my personal preference. But I will try using the full strip too. Next time :3

  • Length: /5 -- SUPER LONGGG. But still looks nice. 
  • Volume: /5 -- Volume is concentrated on the outer corners only *u*
  • Ease of application: /5 -- Easy to put on. The lash band is really comfortable and flexible! *u* I swear. 
  • Are the lashes reusable? Yes! As you can see in the photo, the lashes really hold it's shape even after wearing daily.
  • Are the lashes worth the money? Definitely! Great for people who like long lashes which are fuller on the outer corners. These lashes are comfortable and they look nice too! :D And they're cheaper than dolly wink lashes too! So... I totally recommend these lashes!

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