Photo Diary: Pizza with Mama ♥

Saturday, November 05, 2011

 Mama's been so busy so I haven't been able to talk to her these days. Good thing she had some free time and she spent it with me. We had dinner together and I discovered my NEW love that night!!!!!

TACO PIZZA!!! Hahaha. It's the shit. So yummy! *Q* I'm drooling while typing this now. It's really so good. Definitely one of my favorites. We ordered two pizzas and we also ordered Kinilaw. It's a filipino dish with raw fish :D One of my favorites too! I ate rice plus pizza. Yay carbs party. Haha. I was supposed to go on a diet because we're going to go to the beach this monday! Hahaha. Me and my big tummy won't look great in a bikini ;___; *sigh*

 The taco pizza................ Looks like a boy uljjang with no shirt on. HAHA! D:

 TA-DAAAAA! Here's the kinilaw. Looks divine. Doesn't it? :DD

 Saw these shoes too! I want to buy them butn when I tried them on, they don't look great on me. ;___; 
Maaaan. High heels never look great on me :<

That's all for now, I will post a new review maybe next week or so.
But if I'm hardworking, maybe tomorrow or the day after.

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