First Attempt: Two Toned Hair // First Look: Diamond Lash Baby Eye + Diamond Lash Beauty Eye

Monday, October 10, 2011

I've been loving two toned hair ever since I saw scene kids. They always had amazing hairstyles. And growing up in such a conservative country, it wasn't really ideal to color your hair weird funky colors. =.= Ahmm. Frustrations. Here are my top scene kid hairstyles:

Some hairstyles are not really two toned but I still love them. My love for two toned hairstyles grew as I saw some gyarus and celebrities sporting the style too!

Here is Lauren Conrad's take on two toned hair: 

Here are some gyarus sporting the two toned hair too ~ (*u*)

Here is my favorite one ~ It looks so kawaii >w<

And I don't know why but I colored my hair to achieve the two toned effect but it was a failure. Hahaha. I don't know if it looks great and people ask me what happened to my hair like it's a bad thing ;____; *sighhhh* Maybe they just don't understand the cuteness of two toned hair or what. Haha. Here are some photos of my hair.



What do you guys think? :) Should I color it again?
Anyway, I just bought some new eyelashes! It's the Diamond Lash Beauty Eye and Diamond Lash Baby Eye. Anyone tried these lashes? How do you apply them?

To those who don't know what they look like:

These are the Diamond Lash Beauty Eye. They kind of remind me of Dollywink's Dolly Sweet. They have the same feel to them.

And these are the Diamond Lash Baby Eye. These are lower lashes. They look really cute and bushy. Haha. :O I don't know. But I really like the look of these lower lashes.

Anyway, I will post another entry about these lashes soon!
And I would just like to thank everyone supporting my blog ;__; I'm almost at 500 followers so thank you and much love to everyone ~ ♥♥♥

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