Review: Born Pretty Store Hello Kitty Nail Stickers // Tutorial: Pastel Polkadot Nail Art

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Many may know that I'm not a very creative person when it comes to nails but when I received mail from the Born Pretty Store to make a review for them, I gladly agreed. I've always wanted to try making more cute nail art designs so now is the perfect opportunity.

Speaking of the Born Pretty Store:
They manufacture nail art products and sell them at the best price and they provide the best service too. They have super fast customer service and they are nice and friendly too. My stickers arrived in 2-3 weeks time too. (I wasn't really rushing or what so I didn't find the wait, long)

They sent me Hello Kitty stickers, as I said in my past post. If you're interested to read it, click HERE.

Here's the stuff I used:


I used four nail polishes, a sky-blue one, a candy-pink one, a matte brown one and a yellow one. Oh and I also used top coat. The matte brown Etude House polish is one of my favorites. It looks like chocolate that hardened on to your nails. Haha. :3


Here are the Born Pretty Store stickers! ~
My favorite cartoon character... Hello Kitty. Ain't it obvious? :)) Lol.
They are really easy to use too, you just peel them of and stick it on to your nails. And they're good to go, and you better apply top coat to make them more long lasting. Super simple but also super cute!


And.... TA-DA! I'm so ghetto fabulous. Because I have no dotting tool, I just used an old bobby pin to make the dots. Hahaha. And I used the plastic of the nail stickers as my palette. I'm using what I have, don't hate. :p

So... Here's the finished product! ~


I applied top coat on purpose. So my matte nail polish is shiny now. What do you think? :3

It's super simple to do! Just apply the matte nail polish first.


Then apply random dots using your ghetto fabulous hairpin or your dotting tool. :) I prefer dots of random sizes too. They look better than dots with the same size.


You can choose to leave it this way or if you want to make it more long lasting, I advice you to place a top coat to finish it off. And please do ignore the messy sides, I cleaned them afterwards. So that's it. Super simple, right? And super cheap too! :)

If you're interested to buy these stickers from the Born Pretty Store, you can click HERE.

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