Review: KKCenterHK Lashes in ES A28

Sunday, October 16, 2011

After posting my review on the Kimchi Prince Black lenses, a person emailed me and asked what top lashes did I use in the photos. I was supposed to make a review for these lashes but I keep messing up the photos and the Kimchi Prince Black photos were the best photos, I took with them on.

I got these lenses from KKCenterHK. Many might know this online store because they are quite famous because of their fake lashes of superb quality. Many bloggers are fans of their fake lashes. The staff are friendly and you can ask them questions and they never get mean or angry. Shipment is fast and quick too!

The lashes I got were the ES A28. They come in a box with 10 pairs inside. And the box costs USD$5.16.

My order came in a box like this and it was generously covered in bubble wrap to avoid damage.


Honestly, when I received the lashes, I was suprised at how dark they looked and how shiny too and I was a bit scared to try them on. Haha. But when I finally grew the balls to try these babies out..... I must say.... I really really like them. They're not too natural but not too dramatic! And they're light and easy to wear too! I love them bigtime.

Sorry for recycling photos! But here are the lashes on me, up close:


And here's the lashes, full face:


  • Length: /5 -- Not too long, not too short. Just perfect! My Diamond lash beauty eye lashes waaaaaay are longer than these.
  • Volume: /5 -- Not too much volume here. Just stick-like spikes.
  • Ease of application: /5 -- I'm such a noob at putting on falsies that all brands are not easy to put on. Hahaha. But these are not super hard. The lash band is quite flexible and delicate too even though it's not clear.
  • Are the lashes reusable? Yes! I have used these lashes for 3 straight days now and they still look pretty!
  • Are the lashes worth the money? SUPER! They're great dolly lashes. Not too much volume so it's good for daily use but don't expect natural lashes because these do stand out.

Oh and for those interested in my bottom lashes there, I made those from my old worn out lashes! I was just trying cutting the lashes and I liked the result. I felt super creative that day. HAHAHA. So was it a yay or a nay? What do guys think?

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