Review: Kimchi Prince Black

Friday, October 14, 2011

I've always wanted to try out black circle lens but I never really got a hold of them. And I was glad that Uniqso, offered me a pair of their new black circle lens: the Kimchi Prince Black.
Before talking about the circle lens, I would just like to talk about Uniqso.

Uniqso is an online store which is selling unique circle lenses and accessories such as nail polishes. We were established in December 2010 and formerly known as We have unique & healthy water based nail polishes and fancy & safe to use circle lenses. We offer the best quality of circle lenses and accessories for you through online.

Their motto is: "Lets us make you UNIQUE!"

And who wouldn't want to be?

They are really nice and have really fast service. I got my lens in 3 weeks time. And even though I kept on asking questions and such, they didn't get impatient or angry. Haha. I'm quite the annoying customer, eh.
They have Big Eyes Circle Lens such as Beuberry, I.Fairy, Kimchi, Kitty Princess, Show Mix & Cici Eye. In contrast, if you prefer Natural Look Circle Lens, then you must select from our Dolly Eye series. Besides that, we have unique and healthy water based nail polishes namely AQmore.

You can check them out here:

And you can enter the code: "MLU10" to get a 10% discount from Uniqso. A great bargain, right?

Anyway, back to the review ~

As said earlier, I received the Kimchi Prince Black. I wasn't really familiar with Kimchi Circle Lenses and I decided to read more about them.

Kimchi (Big Eyes Circle Lens)

Kimchi is considered relatively new brand. It's manufactured by SUNnBON, one the well known circle lens manufacturer in Korea. And also, the lens has similiar features with I.Fairy. It specializes in providing big diameter (17.2mm) circle lens which gives you big eyes effect! Compare to the other brands, it's water content is in average level (42%).
This particular pair retails for $USD22.90.
So using the code, this pair will only cost you $USD20.61 .

Here are the details:
Diameter: 16mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 55%

Here is the stock photo from Uniqso:

I received the package and it was wrapped up really nice. No complaints on that.



The lens came in this little cute box which protects the lens from moving around and breaking. So cute and functional. Works for me. Haha. It came with a free lens case too!


These lenses have the cutest bottles! They're so pink and cute! My GEO bottles aren't this cute! I kept the bottles because they're really cute. Lol.




They look so pretty in the bottle. And they look huge too. Here's what they look in the lens case with no flash:


Here's a photo with flash:


So here's photos of me wearing them:

In front of a window:


With flash:

In the top photo is my eye with no lens and falsies on while on the bottom is my eye with falsies plus the lens on:

Some full face photos of me wearing the lens:



So.... I really really like these lens. They make my eyes look way way way dolly. They make them look round. And I love round eyes. And I wore these for about 6 hours, they did get drier throughout the day but my GEO's get drier than these lenses. I really love my GEO Sakura Brown but I think I may love these even more. Just because they're a tad bit more comfortable than the GEO's. Oh and BTW, Considering that these are 16mm, trust me, they're pretty easy to put on but they're much thicker than my GEO's! I think they're thicker because they have a larger water content, so because of that I feel them but it's not something to be worried about. They're really comfortable. 

Design: /5 -- Just plain and simple black lens but they do look nice.
Enlargement: /5 -- They enlarge my eyes so much! And they make them rounder!
Comfort: /5 -- Much more comfortable than GEOs so good job Kimchi!
TOTAL: /5 -- Almost perfect! I love them.

Interested in this product? Go here:

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