Review: EOS G201 Max Pure Brown

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Seeing many reviews for these lens made me want to get them so bad and lucky for me, Lens Village sent me a pair to try out and review.

The staff of Lens Village are so friendly! :D They'll answer you immediately and the package arrived quickly too! About 3 weeks going to my house.

From their website: guarantees every customer will be happy and satisfied with their shopping experience in our store. As one of the largest circle lens store, we provide the widest choice of color lenses that come with different kind of attractive design and colors for customers. We aim to provide excellent customer and delivery service that is commited to customer satisfaction. 
I actually like their website, it's fuss free and easy to navigate.
Well, on to the actual lens.

    Diameter: 14mm
    Base Curve: 8.60mm
    Water Content: 38~42%
    Life Span: 1 Year
    Power Available: 0~1000 / -0.00 ~ -10.00
These are actually my first lens from EOS and I'm pretty excited to try them out because I read in many reviews that they're super duper comfortable. :)

And they definitely do not disappoint! They're really comfy and they look amazingly natural! :O
They're good for school because they don't stand out much but it does give a slight dolly look. These lens have a dark brown limbal ring but I prefer black limbal rings because I think they make my eyes stand out more. They kind of look like GEO honey wings, in my opinion. :D

Here's how the package looked like:

 Here's how the vial looked like! Pretty cute! :D They came with a free lens case, BTW!

The cover of the vials:

Here's how the lenses looked in the vial! A pretty honey brown color *u*

Here's how they look in front of the window:

Here's how they look indoors:

Here's how they look in the case(w/o flash):

 Here's how they look in the case(w/ flash):

 Here's how they look (Full faced):

Design: /5 -- Really natural looking lens. Nothing really special!
Enlargement: /5 -- They don't enlarge as much as my other lens but it's okay.
TOTAL: /5 -- Great for everyday use. Good for people who want simple and natural looking eyes.

If you're interested to buy these lens, check them out here: and they retail for $23.00. A pretty good price for really comfy lenses!

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