Review: Born Pretty Store Handmade Black False Lashes

Sunday, October 30, 2011

This blog post is for my new favorite lashes! They were sent to me by the Born Pretty Store. They came in a box of 10 and they're made of high quality fiber. And they look super duper natural. I use them everyday ever since I received them. They make my lashes look super long and flirty.

Here's how the lashes look:


And here is a photo of a pair of lashes in close up. 
To be honest, the lash band of these lashes are like the lash band of my Diamond Lash Beauty Eye.
Don't they look really pretty? :O

Here's how they look on my eyes. They don't give much volume but they do give enough volume and enough length for everyday natural looking but amazing eyes. They match my EOS Pure Max Brown lens really well, I totally recommend the two for really natural looking but with extra oomph.

See! Super natural. Love love love.

Here's a closer look ~

  • Length: /5 -- Not scarily long. The length is just right for me.
  • Volume: /5 -- They don't give much volume so that's why they look super duper natural *u*
  • Ease of application: /5 -- They remind me of my diamond lash beauty eye. Application is not that hard because of the really flexible lash band! It's clear too so it's super natural looking.
  • Are the lashes reusable? Yes! I only used one pair for 4 days now and they still look new! :) Just don't put too much glue on them and they're good to go for a really long time.
  • Are the lashes worth the money? Definitely! Great for people who like subtle lashes and natural looking ones. It's great for school and for work because they're not in your face lashes. 
If you're interested in these lashes, check them out here: They cost $8.54 for a box of 10 lashes, so it's a very good bargain indeed.

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