Inspiration: Egg Beauty '11 Spring (Romihi Eyemake)

Sunday, October 02, 2011


To be honest, I just saw this Magazine Scan of Egg Beauty just yesterday and I can't believe that I didn't see it earlier. This is a pretty sick issue. As you all know, keeping up with gyaru trends can be quite expensive. But this issue of egg showed me that makeup doesn't need to be pricey to look gyaru. It's all about how you mix and match cheap items that work and how you improvise and create new items from things you already have. This just really goes to show that you can spend a little on makeup and still look amazing!

One reason I liked this issue was because of Romihi
Regarding egg models, she's a favorite of mine. I love her, whatever her hair may be. She has lots of hairstyles. She's amazing. *u*

 Moving on \(*o*)/

Looking at the pictures, Romihi has categorized the products in to three parts, 100 yen, Canmake and Maybelline. She uses two Daiso false lashes here and she is also using the Maybelline BB Cream. Romihi's eye make us actually pretty easy. Just brown on the entire lid and it's also in a v-shape and highlighting below the brow. She also used the Maybelline concealer to highlight.

This is my favorite page! It's because I want to learn how to customize my own lashes. I find it super cool that not only did she customized her top lashes but she also made her own bottom lashes. They look super great that they look amazing. They almost look like diamond lash bottom lashes in the blue pack, i think it was the Charming Eye. I also love the way she contours her nose! It looks super high!

I will buy both Daiso lashes and I will try to copy this! HAHA! I hope I make Romihi proud. 
I will post the other pages soon. :)
But for now, I will study because I have an exam tomorrow. It's my exam week. 


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