Inspiration: Miliyah Kato

Monday, September 26, 2011

With nothing to do on a weekend but browse and browse tumblr and look at photos of beautiful gyaru girls, I created this slight obsession with Miliyah Kato
I think she's really pretty but she's also really cool looking at the same time. Such a rare combination. I really envy her small face and her hair. I want to dye my hair this color. [Referring to the first photo]
Any comments? ^^

I really love how she applies makeup! Especially the attention to the lower lashes, the pink cheeks and the red red RED lips. But she looks equally cute when having pale pinky lips too. BTW, I read somewhere that Miliyah just draws on her bottom lashes. I might try that someday but I'm really oily skinned and the eyeliner will just slide off my fat face. Lol. =_=

[BTW, All photos are gathered from tumblr.]


I totally have the biggest girl crush on her! Lol. ♥♥♥
i sound so lesbo right now but it's okay. ~
it's just because i love her.

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