Review: DHC Nameraka

Friday, September 30, 2011

First of all, what is DHC Nameraka?

Ultra-violet rays and stress take a toll on our bodies, making our skin appear more aged. With this product from DHC, you can help return that youthful glow to your skin.

With a special combination of 5 carefully selected ingredients, DHC's Nameraka Diet Supplements are ideal for those who are concerned about their skin and not only want to make their skin feel revitalized and refreshed but make their skin feel smoother.

Dosage: 3 tablets daily. We recommend you take 3 tablets after having eaten your evening meal.
Ingredients per Daily Dosage
Fish collagen 405mg, Fish elastin (proteins included 90%) 30mg, Pueraria Mirifica plant extract (Puerarin 97%), Pig placenta extract 105mg, Hyaluronic acid 45mg

Avoid using this product in conjunction with the following products: DHC Esthe-mix, Concentrated Pueraria Mrifica, DHC Turn Life.

If you are currently using Soy Isovlavone, Red Clover extract, Pomegranate Seed extract or DHC Ganbuto Diet Supplement, please reduce the recommended daily dosage by approximately half.

If you are pregnant or have allergies to any of the listed ingredients, please avoid using this product.



I bought this a month ago and I've been trying it out ever since. I bought it because it can supposedly make your skin smoother. (Nameraka in Japanese means smooth) My skin is pretty rough and uneven. I have these big pores too. -_- It's all because of acne. I have very very large craters in my skin up close. I wanted them to be gone so so bad. *desperate girl* Lol.

After almost a month of using it, I didn't see much difference. >_< Nothing absolutely new with my skin. I even had new cystic acne. Hmmm. I don't know. I wanted this to work out so bad. -.- I'm very unlucky with skin care products and supplements. I don't know what else to do. My skin is pretty sensitive and breaks out easily! T_T Anyone have any recommendations for skincare stuff for sensitive, acne prone skin? 

I haven't been taking much photos of myself due to my new breakouts. Argh. 

But anyway, maybe this supplement will work out for others, it's pretty easy to drink. It's in a capsule form and you'll just drink 3 capsules with a glass of water after dinner then you're good to go.

DHC still has many different supplements I want to try but for now, I'm still confused on what to do with my skin. *cries in the corner*


Anyway, I would just like to announce that my giveaway is officially closed
Please give me time to sort out the entries because it's my finals week in a week. I still have a lot of school stuff to do. I will just announce the winner soon. Thank you for everyone that joined. 


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  1. you take the three caps at the same time?! that may be your mistake then.. supplements and vitamins are taken on specific schedules, and they work best when you pair them with vitamin C. moreover, there are certain ways and order in applying skincare products. i will elaborate on them if you like.
    or maybe your case is a hormonal thing..?

  2. I used to have reoccuring cystic acne and nothing prescribed worked. The best thing is Vitamin A (THAT IS WHAT ACCUTANE IS) and the mother of all Anti-oxidanta, glutathione. I am in Japan so I order Jarrows formula reduced Glutathione from ebay or Amazon. I take about 4 capsules a day (it helps to brighten your skin with vitamin C so I take that many, but that's another story). But order Vitamin A, it basically is Accutane without a prescription. You will see results in about 2-3 days. I used to have hyperpigmentation and scarring most of my life. Staying out the sun helps 1000%. ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN!!

    I will never ever be caught without Vitamin A, NOT VITAMIN E, but Vitamin A. It is the best thing for cystic acne. Also make sure there is no alcohol in your toner, that makes cystic acne worse.

    Please research vitamin A and Glutathione (prevents most major diseases, never get cold or flu again). They both repair wrinkles as well. These give you better healthcare and dermatology than any doctor ever could.

  3. I recommended to take DHC Placenta 3,600mg and DHC Collagen 2,050mg for best result rather than DHC Nameraka. that is advance from DHC clinic here in japan when i went there clinic.

  4. I recommend you try the honey and cinnamon mask. Natural and organic. I have suffered with acne too. But after trying honey and cinnamon. They're gone forever :)

  5. Regarding cystic acne, I was a sufferer for some 13 years and it was only when I sought professional medical treatment that I began any sort of recovery. It is prescription medication that is tailored to tackle acne and the skills of a dermatologist to identify the causes of your cystic acne. Over-the-counter products are not effective remedies.

    Consult a dermatologist and it is likely they will prescribe tablets, Galderma gel 0.2mg/0.5mg for the entire face and a cream to apply on to the cystic acne!

    Best of luck^^~


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