Package: Artie Style & Born Pretty Store

Friday, September 16, 2011

I received two packages today. One was from Artie Style and the next was from the Born Pretty Store.


Artie Style is a shop for Japanese and Asian Beauty, skin care and hair care products. They offer many amazing brands including Dollywink, Koji, Palty, Sana, and many more. They do ship worldwide with a $2.99 flat rate shipping fee but they also offer free shipping for US orders over $50. They respond very fast and they ship really fast too.

For other information please check their website:

They sent me a box of Utena Puresa Rose Essence Facial Mask.

According to the website:
UTENA PURESA Rose Essence Facial Mask contains Rose extract and Hyaluronic Acid for deep moisturizing. It provides effective moisturization for softer, smoother skin and eliminate dryness without leaving skin greasy or shiny.

The mask seems nice, I will definitely post a review about this soon!



There are 5 masks in one box. And a box retails for: $12.99
So roughly about $2.50 something dollars each. Such a good bargain. :D


If you're interested to buy this product, check it out here.

They also have a Vitamin C mask and a Ceramide mask too all for the same price.
Here and here.

Better check out these masks! *u*

Anyways, on to the second package. It's from the Born Pretty Store.
They manufacture nail art products and sell them at the best prices and they also provide the best service. They have really friendly staff and they respond quick and they're very sweet.

You can visit them here:

Many might have noticed that I love hello kitty so I was pretty happy to see the gift that the bornprettystore sent me.

10pcs of Hello Kitty Nail Stickers! *u* Hahaha!


Here's a close up.


It's so cute. Right? I'm still spazzing from all the hello kitty cuteness. *u*
I will do a review on these too.

If you're interested to get these, you can click HERE. I totally recommend these. They look really cute.

I really recommend these two online stores.
They ship really fast and they have really friendly staff! :)

Oh. BTW, sorry for not being really able to blog frequently. School is being such a bitch. -.- I hope I pass all my subjects. *cries in the corner* Hahaha.

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  1. Oh, never ordered something at Artie Style before, but those masks seem to be good and $2,99 shipping sounds nice! Haha~

    I ♥ bornprettystore~ & own 1 package of those HK Stickers 2 xD ♥


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