Wish List: New Diamond Lashes

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Even though I'm cramming for all my exams and projects, I still have the guts to stop what I'm doing just to look at different online makeup stores and I've been having this urge all day to buy new Diamond Lashes.

I've been eyeing three designs.
  • Fairy Eye
  • Baby Eye
  • Dolly Eye
Fairy eye is a really cute one. *u* It made me stare for 3 minutes or so. And my cousin kept staring at me while i stared so strongly at the laptop screen. Haha. So annoying.

BTW, images in this post are not mine. I just found them through google images.

Anyway, here is the Fairy Eye.

Here is it upclose and personal.

Next is Baby Eye. Actually it's for the lower lashes. The design looks really cute and natural. I want to buy this and cut it in half. It won't look artificial if applied like that. *u* This is actually from the light pink series which isn't quite as popular as the other three series.

Here are the lashes from the light pink series.

Here's the baby eye upclose.

The dolly eye is actually the number 1 eyelash in Popteen Feb 2011's eyelash ranking and the fairy eye is the number 3.

The dolly eye is also from the hot pink series just like the fairy eye. Here are the designs in the hot pink range! *u* I want them all ~

Here's the dolly eye upclose.

I really will save up and buy these designs. ^o^ I hope I can manage to gather some money for new eyelashes.

Oh BTW, my mom put me on this crazy makeup probation. I will not wear any heavy makeup until she will say so. Because she keeps on saying I'm having really bad skin. I don't know what the exact culprit of all these breakouts are and I'm thinking that maybe it's bb cream or my powder. Hmmmm. I'm on my 3rd day of not wearing much makeup and my skin has been getting better and better! It's amazing O_O I've just been wearing my Pigeon Baby Powder pact as my powder, liptint and eyebrow powder. And that's it. I'm amazed at how my skin is reacting to this no makeup thing. Hahahaha. My skin says yes but my mind and heart says no. :)) Wish me luck because I don't think I can live for a really long time without my BB Cream. Lol.

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Thank you so much for reading and I hope you'll take a part in my giveaway.

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