Outfit: I'm still a little girl.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm having a lot of fun lately with my friends and I'm actually doing better now than the previous week. I can do this whole breakup and moving on thing. Yay me. I'm a strong girl and I know I can definitely do this.

Yesterday, me and my friend passed by a henna tattoo artist. Oh, btw, henna tattoos aren't permanent. I want a real one but I still have to wait till I can get a job. I'm such a good thinker.... Thinking about me and my future. Lolwhut. I got a ribbon one on my left wrist and my friend got a hello kitty one. I love bows and ribbons so much that I draw on my wrist using ballpen all the time. So dirty right? Haha. Like a little kid. But, who cares about that. Hahaha. Here's a photo of my henna. And please don't bitch about all my photos and their quality because I miss my camera and I don't want to be reminded that we're not together and that I'm using my crappy cellphone camera to take photos. But wait... I already did remind myself. Whut.. FML.


It's so cute, right? I can't stop staring a my wrist. Sorry. Lol.

BTW, I bought a new bag when me and my friend went flea market shopping. It's so cute. If you have been reading my past entries you will definitely know why I bought this bag. It's because of the... TA-DA. Floral details in the flap. Lol. When I saw the bag, I was like, "Ohai bag. You're mine! Rawr!" Another girl wanted to buy it but boohoo, lucky me, I was first. So I snagged it right away. Lol. I'm so teritorial. Funny story.


So, being so excited, the next day, I immediately used the bag. Here's today's outfit:

A knit shirt and a brown paisley mini skirt.
Peach floral socks and brown oxfords.
A floral usamimi headband.


My face there was so funny looking! Uglyyyy.


See! The bag looks so adorable.


My name bracelet!

And here are some random shots of my face too.
Trying to look pretty.... Having a hard time.... Hahahaha. 
These lens are from GEO btw. 



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