Tutorial: Water Marble Nail Art

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I'm still stuck in this rut but I think I've been getting more and more okay as the days go by so I'm pretty well lately and I'm even a bit proud of myself. So anyway...

I've been quite addicted to watching nail art videos lately and I don't know why. And I found the Water Marble one so amazing. I was like WOAH..but wait WOAH for all the videos. Hahaha. But seriously, my face looked sort of like this -> Lol.

So this weekend, I went out to buy some nail polishes because I only have a few. I'm not a big nail girl. I don't apply polish so much but after seeing the videos, I wanted to try doing it myself. I will practice and will post my finished product in my next post. I will practice hard for you guys. Hahaha! So, Yay me!

Here are some of my inspirations. They look so cute.
(These images are not mine, I just found them on google!)

This one is super pretty :O

I'm glad they look great on short nails too because I don't like very long nails. I find it really hard to write when I have long nails. Hahaha.

The neon ones look so cool O____O

Basically, you put drops of polish into water then using a stick, you make your desired pattern.

It will look somewhat like this:

Here's a video tutorial so to anyone who's interested to try this too, You can look at this Video.

So, what do you guys think? *u*
I will post my version in my next post! ~

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  1. pretty!! I would definitely love to see your nails when your done *O*!!

  2. Water marbelling's fun but requires a lot of effort! Here's my version of water marbelling ^^


    Check it out if you have time!


  3. I'm going to join your 1st giveaway dear, and the nail marble is so cuteee <3


  4. Watermarbling is really fun! I tried it before, but it's kind of messy ^^;

    You should try it! I really would like to see how yours turns out!

  5. I've never seen this technique before, but I really really wanna try it! (Unfortunately I'm not allowed to have coloured nails during work -.-) Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  6. Marbling is so much fun!
    I'm not really keen with the ones that use too many colours, but some are very pretty.

    Hope you're feeling much better :)

  7. I agree!! i do enjoy watching nail art video although I cant do it myself, it seems to impossible, those designs they do! good luck on your nail arts!

  8. love water marbling nail art! i will definitely try it sometimes!

  9. OMG this tutorial is amazing!! XDD
    i never thought that this is so easy XD

    i will try it :D


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