Inspiration: Popteen July '11

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sorry for not being able to blog often. I'm still so sad and depressed because me and my now ex-boyfriend broke up. Such a sad event. I don't even want to remember it. *sniffs* I'm so emotional these past few days, I can't even right a good entry.

I don't like to talking about it anymore so let's just skip that part of my life. Anyway, I have seen scans of popteen yesterday and It just hit me, it's been a month since I last wore jeans. I've been a skirt and short girl these past few days. :O


Me wants everything the model on the left is wearing *u* So jealous!


I want everything here too! :O


Been loving polkadots these days too :)



She's so cute *u* Omoooo!~


You guys must know how much I'm inlove with florals sooo... Haha. I've been looking for a cute fringed bag BTW. Anyone know where to buy them cheap? *u*

I promise to be back with a more meaningful post. I'm just in the process of recovering and all. So please bear with me. 

By the way, I would like to invite everyone again to join my first giveaway!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you'll take a part in my giveaway.

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  1. i love this scans!! >///< i´m fan for popteen xDDD

  2. Aww ): all will be better in time ~ ♥
    And those outfits are super cute! Love anything floral, lacey or high-waisted!

  3. Aw Marion >< hope you feel better soon!
    Super cute outfits! I wish I had those clothes too~ I need to look fo these pretty fashion magazines :(

  4. hope you feel better soon! :)
    the floral clothes and high-waisted pants are adorablee.

  5. Awww hope you will feel better soon :< and wooot those outfits are sooo cuteee x3

  6. I think I rarely wear jeans too XD thank you for the scans! I hope you become happier soon =]

  7. Zomg I love those outfits you picked! So so pretty <3 I hope to buy some clothes like that ^^

  8. I totally want those red shoes in the first picture.

    And I'm sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend... It must be tough, but cheer up! It'll be hard, but you should just try and smile, okay? ^_^

  9. I totally want those red shoes in the first picture.

    And I'm sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend... It must be tough, but cheer up! It'll be hard, but you should just try and smile, okay? ^_^

  10. these are very beautiful scans! I think I can work a popteen inspired outfit this month and so sorry to hear about you and the bf, im not sure if it will make you feel better but I hope it makes you smile :D

  11. awwwww~ i'm sorry that you & your bf broke up! ): Time heals everything (:
    The popteen girls' style is so cute! I love florals too ^^ I really want to find a good floral dress~

  12. I love Popteen too! I love it when they go back to more natural looks, mori-gyaru! And I've been looking for a fringe bag as well, thrift stores are packed with lots of those most of the time. I just haven't found the right one yet :P

    I'm so sorry about what happened to you, but you should always remember that this will only make you stronger :) <3

  13. I was so happy to see an update from you in my dashboard! I even went on your blog to check if you had written one up yet XD But I'm so sorry to hear of what happened, I hope all will be better soon! We're all here for you ^_^ Omg...the outfits are amazing, and the models are so pretty, sigh sigh. I agree on the first pic, the girl on the left's outfit, so p r e t t y...and I want! I love floral too! <3

  14. very cute ensembles! forever21 has some cheap fringe bags :)

  15. aww gyaru fashion is always so cute :)
    such a shame about your personal life. Hope you're ok! And with my slight waves? I just curled them really gently with my flat iron and then it started to die down towards lunch time and hence why it looks really loosely waved! ^_^
    I wish I bought a few etude house nail polishes when I had the chance to D:

  16. aw I hope you feel a lot better T_T. ooh such cute giveaway. I will definitely join ^^. Visit me sometime. I miss you ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  17. Great scans, hope you are feeling better over your ex =/ time heals wounds hunny ;] xx

  18. Aw, hope you feel better soon! You should keep yourself busy doing things so you won't think about it too much(:

    And those outfits are so cute!


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