Review: Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My oh my. I'm really a sloppy person. It's sometimes makes me stop and think that maybe I was meant to be a boy. Anyway, some things are better late than never right? Sorry for being such a sloppy blogger. Lol. Anyway, on to the review!


According to the website:

An excellent soothing treatment with UV protection (SPF20 PA++), it especially suits people with sensitive skin. This cream leaves skin feeling moisturized while it corrects skin tone for a naturally air-brushed complexion.

According to me:


The writings on the back of the BB cream states:
Rich with aloe, which possesses excellent hydrating properties and soothing effect, this multi-functional skin care product (UV protector and blemish corrector) provides moisture and nutrition to your skin while providing protection from UV rays.

I can't tell you the ingredients because everything else except that paragraph above is all writen in Korean. And I can't read anything korean. But I wish I knew how.

The product comes in a boring squeeze bottle and it kinda comes out like toothpaste or anything that comes from a boring tube like this. But... I kinda like it because it's green and green is my favorite color. Lol. As if anyone will care what my favorite color is. Right? Haha.

It's 50 grams of product for quite a reasonable price.
My BB Cream is in shade # 1. Shade # 1 is for yellow toned people while shade # 2 is for pink toned people. I also noticed that #1 is lighter than #2. I have redness on most parts of my face and applying pink toned makeup will just make me look like a peach or something not human so to be safe, I chose the yellow toned one.

Here's some swatches:

A blob of BB Cream in natural lighting:


A blob of BB Cream with flash:


The BB Cream blended in natural lighting:


It looks still kind of pink. Or maybe it's just that I'm really yellow? Oh well.

The BB Cream blended but with flash:


In my opinion, it looks better with flash than in natural lighting. Which is weird. I hate taking photos with flash but my hand looks pretty good. Lol.


Here's some swatches on paper so that you'll be able to tell exactly what shade it is. That's the same BB Cream but in the first swatch, I applied a light layer while in the second swatch I applied quite a generous amount. It looks yellow toned if applied scarcely but when you apply a bit of it, it kinda turns pinky. This BB cream is so confusing. Lol.

I have really sensitive skin and it hates fragrance and this BB Cream has a strong scent. Not bad smelling but it's kind of a floraly scent. Nice smelling but still, it's bad for my skin. Ughh, I hate having sensitive skin. I have read in other blogs that the oil control for this BB Cream is amazing but after using it, I was dissapointed. The oil control for this BB Cream and the Lioele Beyond the solution was somewhat similar but the Lioele one has better coverage and smell IMO. And the shade of the Lioele one matches my skin a bit better than this. So if I were to pick between the two, I would likely pick the Lioele over this one. And also, the Aloe BB Cream gave me cystic acne on my cheek. The painful ones. I think it's because of the fragrance or maybe something else in it. :(

The tube is green.
Smells nice.
A lot of product for a reasonable price.
Has spf.

Gave me breakouts :(
Light coverage.
Heavily fragranced!
Heavy on skin and is quite a tad too oily for my liking.
Somewhat sticky when applied to skin without setting powder.
Doesn't dry matte.
Highlights patchy parts of my skin. It settles on lines and pores.

I would rate it: 1.5/5

So.... looking at the list of cons, you can say that I will not buy this product again. Maybe it's just me but I think there are lots of better BB Creams than this. Maybe if this didn't break me out, I'd like it a bit.

So if you don't liking heavy fragrance on your cosmetics I would suggest you would skip this and those who don't like heavy makeup on their face should also skip this. So that's it.

Anyone noticed that I changed my layout again? :O Haha. I was bored so I changed it.

By the way, I would like to invite everyone again to join my first giveaway!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you'll take a part in my giveaway.

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  1. Great review.. although I probably won't be trying out this bb cream. Have you found a solution for the cystic acne? I would also like to know because I've had couple of cysts that left very VISIBLE scars on my face... actually they just look like very red pimples. Probably have to get it removed surgically because its been there for months now(;_・)

  2. LOL AT ONE OF THE PRO'S: the tube is green♪(´ε` )

    Aw (´Д` ) I got sensitive skin too. I'm afraid of using new products on my face :(

    Pretty layout too! :3

  3. My brother's favourite colour is green~ XD

    It sucks this didn't work out for you! But it really is a kind of trial and error thing when it comes to BB creams/foundations.

  4. Whoo-hoo for green!! >:DD

    Oh gosh, this bb cream sounds awful D: I've heard lots of girls in the past who use this, but lately I mostly hear brands like Skin79 and MISSHA. I'm looking for a new bb cream myself since I'm pretty much out of bb cream AND foundation eek!! I think I'll check out Liole next, thanks for the review!! :D

  5. Ohhh...seems not so nice!
    But thanks for the review, hehe :D

  6. Mew, if you have oily skin I recommend using Etude House 's Precious BB cream instead. I used to use that, but it was too light for me so I had to look for another one > w <

    Cute blog, btw! Are you a fan of mori girl as well? :)


  7. hi marion!!
    thanks for the sweet comment and for following <3
    of course i follow you back :)
    too bad the bb cream wasn't your thing. i really hate strong smells too! :C
    about the lenses: that online shop also ships worldwide, just in case you want to get them too ;)


  8. @Juri: I've been applying a DIY mask. It's milk + lemon juice. It's doesn't smell great but it made my cystic acne less red :D

    @Kristine: WHYYY? >w< I love green! Hahaha! That's why I don't buy much face stuff :( A lot make me break out instantly.

    @キャセヂ姫: Yes. I have tried quite a lot of them too :))

    @Katie: YES! Woohoo for green. ^____^ I have used the Missha perfect cover one! :) It smells really nice. I have posted a review on the Lioele one too! :)

    @Natalie: No problem :D

    @China: Yes! I love Mori Girl! :D I bought that BB Cream last week and I have yet to try it. What bb cream are you using now? :) I left you a comment on your blog! :D

    @Lippi: No problem :D I will check on other stores. Thanks :D

  9. This is such a awesomely detailed review!

    I use BRTC's BB Cream and recommend it to all my friends as well. Love it. :)

    The Cat Hag

  10. Thanks for reviewing this product, I always stick with Missha Perfect cover~ currently looking for
    a bb cream which contain green tea~ ^O^

    visit me back if you free dear~~

  11. I'm not too impressed with this BB cream as well.. I find that my face turns oily, it's way too pinkish (tone 2) and too fair for me yet oxidizes to become way too dark

  12. Have you tried MISSHA BB Cream? That's the BB Cream I'm using currently & so far it's great ^^
    I've read loads of good reviews about the brand too before purchasing ~


  13. Oh my gosh, I love your blog! It's so charming!
    My first BB cream was by Skin Food, and I kinda feIt the same way. I'm gonna be posting my review on the one I use in the next week or so. But I didn't think the coverage was that great :P I was hoping we could follow and friend each other! Thanks!

  14. I'm currently using Missha's Perfect Cover, though I'm only using it as a base cos it's too pink for me >< It has really nice coverage though! :)

    And oh, following you back!<333

  15. aw I'm sorry skinfood didn't work out for you, I use skinfood peach sake bb cream, and really works amazingly cause I have combination skin D:

  16. Thank you for the honest review :)
    Will keep that in mind when buying BB Creams~

  17. BB creams usually break me out too! This is why I prefer traditional liquid foundations plus they are a much better match for my skin =]

    Btw, what programme did you use for the frame in your giveaway picture? It's very cute!

  18. Oh i got this myself too last year, but it really didn't suit my skin type at all.
    I have super dry skin and this made my skin look even more flakey and gross ;_;
    And this angel-seller person guaranteed that iwoudl like it, ugh stupid sellers =_=
    but now my mom uses it and she actually likes it.
    I guess this BBcream is good for people with healthy regular skin.

  19. Breakouts just because of a BB cream? o_o that must be too harsh on you hun... I'm hearing a looot of reviews about the Missha one, have you tried it yet? I haven't tried any BB creams and I think I need one to save my life. Haha~

  20. Thanks for this review!! Sorry to hear about the breakouts >___< You somehow save others with this review!!

  21. I guess it has more cons than pros....Too bad.

  22. Urgh I hate cystic acne.. I don't get it often but when I do it's such a pain. Literally. haha, well I've heard that some other types (skinfood and missha seem to be the most popular) help so I'd like to try those ones out.
    Thanks for the review; it was very helpful!


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