First Look: Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream

Friday, June 03, 2011

Sorry for being missing the past couple of days. I was in school because it's time for the semester's enrollment. Lots of people were at the school so you get the picture. There were really long lines, crowded rooms, and add to that our country's super humid weather. Oh my. I just wanted it to be done. But now I'm in the last step so I will just go to school to get my ID validated so, yay for me. Lol. How are you guys? I missed all your comments!

Oh by the way, I bought a new BB Cream last weekend. This is a really common BB cream but I have not yet used this. It's the Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream. I got it in the first shade because supposedly no. 1 is for yellow toned people while no. 2 is for the pink toned ones. I've been using it for 3 days now and I've been getting acne on my cheeks. I don't know if it's the one that caused it but I hope not. I will be posting a longer review after a few more days of using this.


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  1. awwwww! sorry it caused you acne! X= I hope it's not the product though >< Maybe you will found out after longer usage~ It's really smart for them to make one for pink tones and one for yellow tones!~ Can't wait for the review (:

  2. Aw :( let's hope that the acne isn't cause by the BB cream! Haha, I don't like it when it's time for school too cause everyone is rushing to get their ID picture taken and their schedule.(´・_・`)

  3. ow, it would be pitty if the reason of your acne is BB cream :( hope not..i had once same problem, but with maybelline make's upseting ><

    btw: love your blog ^^
    wish you nice day ^^

  4. Hope it wasn't the bb cream that caused the acne and I'll be looking forward to your review~ ^^

  5. gah lately i've been getting acne on my cheeks too! it's so frustrating cause i can't figure out why lol..
    hopefully yours isn't from the bb cream~

  6. ah~ D: I hope the acne does not come from the BB Cream
    Hope it'll go away soon again too♥

  7. @mimi: I wish it wasn't this product too. If it is, I just wasted money :( Yes, I think it's clever too! :) I've always hated bb cream with pink tones!

    @Krishuang: I hope so too! :) Thanks love. Yes. Everybody is so frantic to get all things done. Haha. It's quite funny. :)

    @LaPetiteIchigo: I hope so too :) Thank you! What maybelline makeup? Maybelline has a bb cream and it's quite nice for the price. I hope you have a nice day too! <3

    @Juri: I will post it soon! :) And thanks for the concern :*

    @Jessica: Oh my. We have the same problem :( I wish our skin will get well soon. Lol <3

    @Nicola: Awww. You're sweet :) Thanks a lot. I hope so too :(

  8. Marion: Maybelline - Affinition :( from day that i started use it , on my cheeks and forhead appeard bad acne :/. Yes they had also BB cream...but i live in Slovakia, and there is nothing like that, an 99% people living here even don't know that something like BB cream exist. It's not selled even in neighboring countries like czech republic,austria,hungary,etc...:D

  9. looking forward to the review!
    I have never tried Skinfood but a lot of people talk about it =)

  10. hey i'd like the photos

  11. I used that one before. It was actually good for my skin. Your skin is probably sensitive. But I still look forward for the review


  12. Hmm.. I hope it's not the BBcream! Maybe it's the change of weather? Or food?

  13. @LaPetiteIchigo: Really bad acne? Like the cystic ones? Ohh. Here in asia, it's a really big deal. Even moms use BB cream :)) My mom doesn't leave the house with no BB Cream on. Lol.

    @Annie: I will post it soon! :) Wait for it! :D

    @Tootsie Jean: Yes. My skin is super duper sensitive :O Too bad for me. I thought it was one of the gentle bb creams but I guess not.

    @baby.xi: I hope so too :( Well, it's been really hotter here and my skin doesn't like hot weather. Maybe that's a factor too! :O

  14. School enrollement?!? :O I'm about done with school XD

    I really wanna try BB cream :T But too bad they caused acne for you ;__;


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