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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sorry for being AWOL for quite a long time.

My camera just got fixed. I don't know what happened to the poor thing but atleast now, it's okay and I can take photos again. Yay! *u* And I also got really busy with school. The first days are really stressful. I had no chance to make the skinfood bb cream review. I will make one soon! I promise. :O BTW, my skin is not getting better. :( I'm so depressed with my skin. *Sigh* Anyway.... Let's not talk about that. It makes me really sad :( Anyone know a miracle cure for these annoying cystic acne? Help? Please?

Well... Back to the main topic. *u*

Etude House here just opened!
And I bought some stuff. Just a small haul but it made me really happy.

Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong #1 Sheer Silky Skin


Oh and BTW, I got the one for oily skin :O I hope this won't give me acne. *Crosses fingers and toes* :(



Proof 10 Liquid Liner in Proof Black


I HAVE SUPER DUPER OILY LIDS, and in my quest in finding the perfect eyeliner, I must try this. ;) 

Face Color Corset Cheek #1 (Highlighter)

Face Color Corset Cheek #6 (Contour/Bronzer)


The one in the top is the highlighter and the one in the bottom is the bronzer. Uhm. About this product, I only got them because of the cute packaging. Lolwhut. So cute. It has a lot of hearts *u*

Tear Drop Liner


This one is cute too :D It has a pretty pink handle! 

Drawing Eye Brow Shade # 3

Apricot Stick Gloss Lip, #3 Apple


The one in the top is the Eye Brow pencil while the red one is the Apricot Stick. Anyone else find it weird that they named the shade apple? Well.. I dunno. It's an apricot stick but the shade is apple :O

Wonder Volume False Lashes

I was supposed to buy the crisscross ones but I saw these and I instantly wanted to try them out! And to be honest, I don't know why. Lol.

Lower Lashes


These are quite long for lower lashes but I think they're worth a try. They have a transparent lash band BTW. I think I will cut these in half instead of wearing them whole because they're quite long for my eyes. I think. ;)

Matte Chocolate Brown Nail Polish


I think this is my favorite item out of everything I bought. :O The bottle is so cute. Frosted Glass. :O I love looking at frosted glass. I will get a couple more of these polishes soon!

I even got a cute 2ne1 booklet containing the lyrics of their songs and their cd too! FOR FREE :O 


See how nice the CD looks. Oooh. As many may know, I'm crazy about florals. *u*

AND AND AND, I changed my layout because I thought my last layout was too "floraly" sooo... I decided to tone it done and this is a much elegant floral layout. Haha. Anyone like it? Or hate it? Tell me. So I can change it again. Lol. Anyway, I missed blogging and reading all the comments! Talk to me. ;)

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  1. Wow~ You really bought a lot :)
    I wish you'll make a review of the stuff you got.
    And finally EH on your place~ :)

  2. Nice stuffs! You bought so many :D Is the Etude House there on sale? They have a grand sale 'til 21.^^ I need to go there this weekend. My gosh lol!


  3. etude's products really have cute packaging <3
    just curious, are the songs in CD nice??
    but the floral print is really a plus. lovely!

  4. really cute item~ I wanna try out a few things from your haul, I hope you can review some of this stuff~

  5. so many etude house products!
    congrats for etude house store opening in your country :D
    i have some etude store here in Indonesia, but the price are rising like crazy! so i would never buy from the store and choose to buying through online pre order..

  6. Nice things! Wanna have Etude House products as well ):


  7. such a great haul ^^ If you know how to use the tear drop liner please teach me how ^^ (it harder than it look since I keep getting glitter in my eyes)
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  8. wahhh I love your haul!~ & FREE 2NE1 CD??? WHUUT? I LOVE 2ne1!! >< I am exactly like you w/ the blush! haha I like to buy things just for the packaging x__x even if the makeup inside is whatever hahahaha~

  9. @ayumi.xviii: Yeah! Finally. I've been waiting for quite a while. I will make a review for them. I promise. Even if I'm such a slow blogger. Lol.

    @Joanna: Yes. 20% off on all products! You should go now :) While stocks last. Ang daming tao! Haha :)

    @♥ Liz W ♥: All the products have super kawaii packaging. Even the store is cute :O Lol. All the songs in the CD are from 2ne1's To Anyone Album :D The CD has nice quality too. Amazing for a freebie.

    @Hyuna Which particular item would you like for me to review first? :) I will try to make reviews asap!

    @Yurina: Really? Here skinfood products are so overpriced in the store so I buy online too. The etude house store here is not that expensive so I can definitely afford when I save up allowance. :p Lol.

    @♥ Natalie: I will probably include some Etude House products in my giveaway so please do join! :D

    @~KawaiiParadise~: I will practice for you! :D When I get better, I will post a tutorial.

    @Mimi: Yay. A fellow 2ne1 lover :) Who's your favorite member? Cute packaging FTW. Haha. I wish the packaging matched the quality of the makeup inside though -.-" Haha!

  10. nice mini haul (: please swatch/review them! ♥
    I love etude house products! but I think its mainly because of the super cute packaging. I wish a Etude House would open over here. All we have is asian stores that stock extremely overpriced makeup products from overseas. Oh and your new layout is really cute I love the header font, But I still like the older one better. haha (:

  11. I love your new layout!!

    aww I'm so jealous!! You got so many nice things~~ That nail polish looks delicious :)

  12. hello i'm new in blogger ~
    i love ur blog. so adorable ^_^

  13. were the items really cheap? cause I totally missed out, ran out of budget! and omg 2ne1! dyig of envy now!

  14. Wow~ the items are so nicely packaged! But I still haven't try any Etude House items...there aren't any stores around here that sells EH. ><

  15. I love Etude House, their products are awesome! But I have yet to try Tear Drop liner, super cute ^^ the packaging is adorbs, that's probably 70% why I buy their products :P

  16. I want to try the BB cream :P

    Follow me, if you still aren't ;)
    Have a fashionable day! <3
    IT *

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. gahh i love etude house..always buy so much from there when I go to korea <___< oh and that apricot stick is super pigmented *0*

  19. Wow~~~~ I wish we had Etude house here in Hawaii >____< Lovely haul!!


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