Review: Crisscross Lashes

Sunday, June 05, 2011

After reading a lot of negative feedback with crisscross lashes, i became scared of the ones I bought. Haha. That's what you call the bandwagon effect. But hey, I'm a thrifty kind of girl and I just can't stand wasting money. So, I decided to use them, just for fun. BUT BUT BUT! You know what guys, I kinda like them. I kinda like them a lot. Lol. I thought they would look too over the top but, they're not that draggy. They're dramatic but not too much that people would give you weird looks when they would pass by you. BTW, i hate people who look at me that way.

Here is a photo of the lashes:
(It's the one in the bottom)


Here are my eyes with circle lenses and falsies on:
(BTW, the circle lenses are GEO Xtra Sakura Brown 15.00mm)

GEO sakura brown

Here is a photo with my eyes closed:


Well, what do you guys think? Are crisscross lashes a yes or a no?
Tell me your opinions!

Oh by the way, I also ordered some items online and I'm so excited for them to arrive. I think it will take a couple of weeks or so. I'm trying to be patient. Haha. I ordered the K-Palette Liquid Eyeliner, the Dollywink Eyelash Case (So that I can bring back up falsies to school + it's so cute >_<") and the Diamond lash natural eye bottom lashes. I was thinking of getting the dollywink eyeliner because they were the same price but I have extremely oily lids and I have read quite a lot of reviews of this K-Palette one! It's supposed to be Japan's number 1 eyeliner and I wanted to try it just to see if it really lives up to all the hype. 

Pictures of the products:

Has anyone tried any of these products? Tell me your good and bad experience with them!

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  1. I like the crisscross lashes!! They look sooo great! *__* But I have not very much experience... maybe I should try to wear false lashes...I'm too dump to get them right on my eyes, hahaha :D Have to practice (;

  2. I actually like crisscross lashes, too ♥ still got a few left here~

    && could you please do a review on that eyeliner? I'm currently looking for a great seems like I'm never satisfied with eyeliners....(=____=)

  3. I personally love criss cross eyelashes with medium length, it gives a natural look =D

  4. I never thought it would looked good on me.. but I'll try those too! :) and I also hate people who gives you weird look. T.T
    Anyways, I hope you put a review about the stuffs you bought! I'm excited about it... hehehe..

  5. crisscross lashes are my first lashes ever, I wasn't particular with the design back then but it serves me well hee~

    I wore them to school and I don't get much stares even when riding jam packed jeepney.

    Also looking forward to the bottom lashes! Japanese lashes never disapoints ^-^~

  6. i like criss cross lashes. :) i think they give eyes a rather very natural looking boost.

    the k-palette is my favorite eyeliner and i have heard so many raves about the diamond lashes. hope these will work for you! =)

  7. I actually like criss cross lashes (: I think they have a different look than other lashes~ I hate waiting for packages to arrive! >< But when it comes it's like christmas time (: I see the tattoo eyeliner alot at this nearby japanese makeup store but I've never tried it. Please do a review on it once it arrives please! <3

  8. I think criss cross falsies are quite natural compared to other falsies. But nonetheless, they look great. ^ ^

    oooo. can't wait to see the diamond lashes, gotta get me some soon. Been seeing it on everyone's blogs.

  9. Hmm, I think criss cross lashes give an illusion of darker/fuller lashes than "normal" ones do. They look really really pretty on you!

    Yess, a review on the K liner please. (:

  10. People say that criss cross lashes lashes look more natural but I'm not too sure since I've never seen anyone with them irl. The look fine on you though~

    I have a k-palette eyeliner, I brought it in HK. But at the time I didn't know there were too versions - waterproof and the non waterproof one. I got the non waterproof one...

    I only realized a while ago only actually... its better than any other eyeliner I've used.. my eyelids are super oily even when its super cold wtf.

    Its not as black as I want it to be (when I wash it off its actually a super dark green colour) I've had it since around Feb and the tips a tad munted. and also it creases? not sure what to call it but after a while the liner transfers to my crease ( ̄ー ̄)

    I guess I was expecting a lot more because of the hype or maybe its because i got the non wp one. Even though this is the best eyeliner I've use so far I don't think I'll repurchase this product mainly because I've heard of another superior but underrated product the kissme eyeliner.

    I hope you enjoyed my mini review there ( ´∀`)

    and also I want to add that every time I go onto your blog page there is always this weird thing that goes "CHA CHA" and "HAY HWA" and it always surprises me and manages to scare me shitless. (Headphones, max vol ∑(O_O;)Shock!!)

  11. I really dont recommend the diamond bottom lashes they dont look so natural :(

    I use the dollywink eyelash case everyday I love it!

  12. uuu~ Cute photos ♥ Personally, I've only ever used crisscrossed one, and I like them. But I guess I'm biased; if the lashes are crisscrossed, I sometimes get double-eyelids XP Cool, eh?

  13. it looks really very pretty on you <3 I use crisscross lashes, but then again some may kill me but them lashes look all the same to me ;A;

  14. I love crisscross lashes but never tried it before. lol I guess I'm just afraid of the risk of people might think I'm weird. I shall get a pair and try it myself. You inspired me to try them :P


  15. they look adorable on you ^^

  16. Hey, just wanted to say i love your blog. Your style of blogging so so cute and you seem like such a sweet person. I've given you the lovely blogger award<33

  17. So have you tried the eyeliner? Is it good? I'm planning to try either the Kiss Me Heroine Make eyeliner or the Majolica Majorca one, but if this one is good I might give it a try XD

  18. I like them a lot and I've heard crisscross lashes are a big trend in asia right now! :)


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