Bad week. Bad bad week.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I had a really bad BAD week, that's why I haven't had anything good to blog about. But, I hope everything will be okay this week. I wish. *Crosses fingers and toes* I can do this. Fighting ~

Anyway, enough with the emotional intro, on to my nonsense ~

I bought a new pair of shoes to cheer me up! It has the cutest kitten heels. So cute and not high! I can't really walk in high heels. But I wish I did. I will practice soon. Haha. I'm such a failure as a girl.

Here they are! Aren't they adorable?


Here's what I wore today, I wore the shoes. They're so comfy.


I'm not too confident with my clothing skills though. I wish I was better in putting clothes together. Need to look at magazines more! That top is actually see through floral lacey material with some denim accent. It's cute but I don't know what to pair it with honestly. Any ideas guys? 

Wait! Here's my eye-make today too! Just a simple brown eyemake. My eyes are so small.

I'm trying out the Etude House eye primer too! :D So far so good.


Falsies really make quite a difference! See my naked eye on the right side. I also applied white liner in my waterline. It makes me look so awake. It looks good in the photo but in real life, I don't really like it. It looks so shocking. Lol.


Yay or nay for white liner?

Oh, here's a random photo of me. A friend told me that I look like a marshamallow here. Haha.


I still have to do a bunch of homework so I'll be back with something interesting. I hope.

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  1. I like how you wore those lace socks with your new shoes, so cute (●>v<●)

    And if I had that top... I'd probably wear a white long loose tank top with a fat chanel logo + bandage tights + black doc martens. Although I', not too sure because I can't see up close.

    and for white eyeliner... it does tend to look a bit harsh irl. And if your eyes are small then mine are miniature D;

  2. you look like a rabbit marshmallow on your last pic~! <3 cuuute ^^

  3. your shoes are cute!! i like them. :D they looks nice with the lace socks.

    never try white eyeliner in my waterline before. i think maybe you should try flesh-tone eyeliner for waterline if the white one is too shocking. :D

  4. Hope everything will be good for you this week too!

    Very cute shoes haha and the socks! I remember wearing those kind of socks when I was a little girl :3 adorable marshmallow face ~

  5. Those are such cute shoes! I want a pair! And I like the white eyeliner~

  6. Cute shoes! haha, your outfit is pretty cute too. (: I can't really give you advice on it though cause I'm not too great with putting together outfits myself.
    I like the simple makeup. (: If white is a little too harsh on the waterline, try a peachy colored liner.
    & that's a pretty dang cute marshmallow!

  7. The socks and shoes look great together~
    And I adore your makeup! ^^

  8. I'm in love with your shoes!!! Also what lens is that? Very cute >w<

  9. omg <3
    i loveeee how you paired your shoes with that lace socks!
    reminds me so much of the models in Vivi magazine :)

    i <3 the etude eye primer!
    too bad it's discontinued for some reason, but it's almost as comparable to the Urban Decay one :( boo boo
    - Coco

    ps. you look super adorable ! :)

  10. cuuuutest shoes (and little lace socks) everrrrrrrr xx xx misstea & co. (your newest follower)

  11. oh don't worry! it will get better! and I love your shoes! plus super cute socks!! <3

  12. hey <333
    oh i hope it´s better soon!!!
    last week was also not so great for me U___U

    your new shoes are so super cute!!! <3
    want them tooooo hehe :D


  13. your shoes are so pretty! loving the outfit too :)!!

  14. aww you look so cute <33


  15. Haha, I also cannot walk in high heels! There are lots of girl failures out there in the world xD I, personally, really like white liner on the waterline but it really depends on the kind of makeup though.
    Love from Germany! ♥

  16. Really cute shoes! I'm the same, I can't really wear heels, unless they're wedges or platforms or anything flat. XD

    I think the makeup looks good on you though! I really should try falsies next time, so curious about them XD And oh, if you want inspiration, you should visit K is for Kani. She just recently posted a super cute look with a floral cardigan, I think. Or you can look at ulzzang photos~ They're always so inspiring :3

  17. Your shoes are so cute!!

    I like the white liner, but I think that if your curl your lashes, it'll blend better with the fake lashes and look so much fuller.

    You're sooo cute though!! <3

  18. Hello~

    I love your blog; it's very cute~!! ^-^;;

    Could you perhaps follow mine? I think you will like it. (:

    Thanksyouu~~ ^w^;;

    ~~Rosie ♥

  19. Awww your bloggie adorable~!! (^o^--♥)
    I follo your blog, care to follow mine? ♪

    I'd thank you muchly~~

  20. love the contacts! look so nice on you :) great blog im your new follower hope you'll follow back :)

  21. Your outfit is adorable! I love your blog :)

    Please comment/follow my blog &
    I'll definitely return the favor :)


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