Review: Etude House Follow Me Tint "Vary Pink"

Sunday, May 08, 2011

It's been a long time since I posted something here. I've been busy with a lot of school stuff lately so I've just been lurking here and commenting on interesting posts. My teacher is very demanding and wants us to pass an activity everyday and it's starting to get the best of me. But nevermind, I've got no time to whine about it.

Well on to the review.  It had the cutest box ever, it was a metallic box filled with 2ne1 inspired illustrations and I love 2ne1. And when I opened it, it's case was white and it had hot pink stars all around it. And the products inside was also cute. It was a turquoise colored tint that when you applied it on your lips, it would change to pink. It was quite cute that they called that shade of pink "Vary Pink" After seeing all the cuteness that surrounded this product and it wasn't expensive, I decided to buy it. I was praying so bad that I wish this would match me because it was so cute.

When I got home, I hurriedly went to my room to try it. And this was when the MAGIC happened. 

I know you shouldn't taste lip products but really, i mean really... You can taste the stuff on your lips. Right? And believe me, this didn't taste good. It tasted bad. Real bad. I felt like I ate soap or shampoo. LOL. I don't know, maybe it's just personal preference but I don't like the taste of shampoo and soap. Haha. My heart was broken. I thought that I had found the perfect lip product for me. This just goes to show that not all cute things taste good. Wait. Does that sound off? Lol. Well anyway, I have to go! I still have to wake up early tomorrow cause it's Mother's Day tomorrow. I will have to prepare something for my mom. ♥ Maybe breakfast in bed? What do you think? And please tell your Mothers that I said "Happy Mother's Day!" ♥

While cooking tomorrow, I think I will look like this, Lol.

Here are some pictures I took before trying out the product:

See just how cute the box is. ♥ Can't blame me for falling for the box.

Even the case itself is cute. >_<
And please do excuse the nails. Lol.

The label was also a hot pink sticker. ♥

Turquoise. So pretty. But in the end. It tasted bad. Really really bad. Lol.

I will post swatches soon. But that's when I get the courage to put this stuff on my lips for the second time. Anyone tried this too? *u* Tell me your experience with this! ♥

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  1. Nice blog! I lvoe de design!

    I love Etude House products, but here in Argentina not get these products T.T

  2. @CupcakeChisa: Thank you so much! :3 How about buying online? Are there no online stores that deliver there? :)

    @Lina: No. It's not a bitter taste. It's something else but I really can't describe it :|

  3. ooh the color does look really pretty!
    it's a shame that it tastes bad >_<;

  4. @Jessica: Trueeee. It tastes super soapy -.-" So disappointed :(

  5. awwww the product looked so promising!!~ ): too bad it tastes badd~ ><

  6. i haven't tried this but lippies with a weird taste is a definite nox2 for me. >.<"

  7. Ahh~ I remembered wanting to buy this product when it first came out cause it seemed so cute! but then it slipped my mind and I never purchased it, haha, luckily I didn't :)

  8. hey!! thanks for dropping by =]

    sucha cute blog hehe ^^ aww!!! that lipstick looks a bit like ice-cream XD but =[ boo it tastes bad!!!! x

  9. @mimi: Yes :( I was regretting that I bought it. :|

    @sugar sugar: Yeah! :) I get what you mean. We can taste the stuff we put in our lips right? ^^

    @Vonny: Lucky you! :D I'm happy you didn't buy it! :D Haha!

    @Lala: It does look like ice cream or maybe bubble gum too :3 No problem. Love your blog too <3

  10. Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog! ♡
    I've seen you around soompi before, I recognize your display photo! hehe. Would love to be blog friends with you, going to follow you ♡

  11. @Kim Dao: I thought no one would notice my display pic :)) Haha! Thanks! <3 I followed you back ^^

  12. Too bad the taste is bad :o
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! :) Your blog is so cute! Wouldn't mind being blog friends with you; I followed you! ^^

  13. Sure I'd love to be blog friends :)
    Cute blog! Following!

  14. Haha you have better self-restraint than me! I usually end up tearing up the box before remembering to take pictures =x

  15. @xPockiex: Yes. I felt really disappointed -.-" Such a cute product. Oh well. Sure. No problem. <3 A new friend! ^^

    @VogueVillain: aaaw. thank you so much! ^^ <3

    @Mika: Lol. I know what you mean. :D Sometimes, I forget too! :) It was just luck that I hand the camera near me. Haha!


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