Hairstyle: Romantic Curled Bob

Monday, May 23, 2011

I guess for girls, feeling regret after cutting hair is very very normal. And I experienced this for 2 days now. I felt all mushy and dissatisfied with my poor hair. I wanted it to grow longer FAST. But after realizing it was impossible because my hair is a really really slow grower, so I decided to try out the curly bob I saw in the youtube video I placed on my last blog post! Before doing it, I crossed my fingers. Haha. So here is the output! TA-DAAAAA!


Very airy and romantic looking. I love it! I want to curl my hair everyday. My oh my. But looking at this photo, I realized that I can't curl my hair too well in the back parts. Lol. But hey. I tried. And due to the love I have for my new favorite hairstyle, here's photos of me.









I'm trying hard to look cute! Hahaha! Don't mind me. What do you guys think of the curly bob? Like it?

BTW, I'm sorry for looking all crappy and stuff. I'm always very casual when it's sunday. I don't wear makeup too. Only liptint. I like to let my face rest on Sundays. A makeup rest. Lol.

I spent my sunday with my mom and sister. We went to Abreeza (the newly opened mall) and I went to the location of the etude house store and it's still not finished. I thought that it was going to open last May 24. I'm itching to buy Etude House stuff already. Lol. Look at Dara, so cute in the banner.


I also took photos of random stuff today. A lot of photos of flowers though. I love taking pictures of flowers.









My sister also took this photo of me looking stupid while waiting for dinner. Lol. My fringe looks really ugly here. Funny.


Sorry for the picture heavy post. I will write something more interesting soon! Sorry for my very boring post. Bai bai. I will leave you guys with one last photo of me.


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  1. The curls are really adorable. * u *

  2. ahhh you did well with the airy bob~ its helplessly adorable :D
    plus your hair looks ton healthy! i dont recommend curling it everyday! take it from me D: my hair is already short, and I had to cut much shorter due to too much use of heat T.T

  3. you're so pretty! <3 and btw i love your curls~ :) i often have hard time curling my hair the way i want it... ehehehe... i end up having a weird curls... hahaha..

  4. @Sia: Thank you so much! <3 I still have to practice! :3

    @MoodiBunni: Thank you! <3 But I still wish it would grow longer though -.-" Haha.

    @Yapo: Ohh. Thank you for the advice and the compliment! :) What do you do normally to style your hair? ^^

    @Ayumi: Thank you so much! :3 Don't let the pictures fool you! The curls in the back part look weird ;) Haha! <3

  5. I love your curly bob, it suits you really well =)~~~ I wish I could have a nice curled bob like yours too

  6. hello again! i followed your blog~ hope you'll follow back.. i like your tshirt btw.. from artwork? hehehe.. love that shop too~ can't wait for your next post. :)

  7. @Lina: It's pretty carefree to have short hair. Cut your hair! :3 I bet you'd look great! <3

    @Ayumi: Yes. I bought it for 100 pesos i think ;) I followed you back. Thanks for following :)

  8. your hair is so cute it suits you! I've wanted to cut my hair that short for ages~ but my hairs a lil over chest length so if I do cut it i'll probs cry :(
    oh! and you captured those flowers really well!

  9. @Vonn-e: I always feel like crying whenever I remember my long hair :( But still, it will grow so no worries. AND THANKS! <3 No one ever notices my photographs. ^^

  10. You look so cute with curls! :3 Followed youuuu! Hope you can visit my blog too sometimes. ;)

  11. Hello fellow soompier, thank you for stopping by my page ^^. You have such a cute blog here and I love the way you edit your photos.

  12. aww, I love bobs! They're so cute. The curls are wonderful ♥

  13. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment ♥ lured me to comment back right away, haha~ [Nose Piercings FTW!]

    I love this part of your profile:
    '..., coke and a deep fryer.' <- amazing!

    Now on to the post:

    LOVE the curls!!! I definitely have to try curls like that, too...I'm quite not satisfied with my current hair length, too. Everything seems to look stupid...heh.

    Plus I love how random you put your mobile on your's a secret eye-catcher!

    Flowers, flowers, flowers, goat, - wait..goat? Haha ♥ love it

  14. Omg so cute, you look so pretty! I love your blog! :D

  15. @Joanna: I will. ^^ Thanks for dropping by! <3

    @강왠진: Thank you! ^^ I try to edit them with a vintagey tone :3

    @Anna: Yes. I love bobs but I love super long hair too. Can't decide :) Haha. I'm being fickle minded. Lol.

    @Mutsumi: YES! Nose pierces FTW! <3 Lol. I think you're the first one to comment on that. I really love coke and fried food. Don't you? ;) I bet you'd look good with curly hair! :D If you try this, post a photo. I wanna see ^3^ And about the mobile, I didn't know where to put it exactly. Hahaha. I didn't notice it until now. Lol. And the goat, I dunno, I saw a goat and I was just itching to take a photo :O It's not something you see everyday! Hahaha :D ♥

    @Baby.xi: Oh my. Thank you! :)♥ Will visit your blog too!

  16. oh girl you look super cute! i love your hair, when i discovered the power of teh curling iron, i kinda wanted to do it everyday, too!

  17. Hello Marion! Thanks for your comment! I love your hair style so cute! loving the soft curls~ <3 Sweet style!

  18. Heyy, thanks for stopping by my blog :) Your hair is so cute!

  19. You are such a good photographer! And your hair is lovely and you have such an adorable smile :D :D

  20. You're so cute la~ i went on to your blog and it amazes me cuz the layout it so adorable! let's keep in touch more :3

  21. Thank you I appreciate it! :]] I followed you back in return. ^^

    I hope we get to chat soon.

  22. That hairstyle is really cute on you. I don't think I can ever rock full bangs. -_- Random question: how long did it take for your nose piercing to heal and how'd you convince your parents lol?

  23. hi girl! thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! of course we can be friends =] you're so luck that etude house is opening near you !! I also always regret getting my hair cut so I rarely let anybody else cut my hair ^^ but your short curly hair is super cute!

  24. Your hair is so cute! I really like that style! :)
    I also jst noticed that you have a nose piercing, nice :D did it hurt?

  25. @Saving Capulet: I know the feeling. The first time I bought a curling iron, I immediately tried it the moment I got home :))

    @Jendee: No problem. :) I like this hairstyle too but I like long hair more. Haha <3

    @AngelicBetrayal: No problem and thank you for your comment <3 :)

    @Rainy Days and Lattes: Thank you for noticing my photographs. I try to practice but I still have a long long way to go :)

    @Louise~: Yes we should ^^ I'm glad that you want to keep in touch. <3

    @강왠진: I hope so too :) ~ Let's be facebook friends! <3

    @Diana: Thank youuu! I bet you'd look good with full bangs! :) Oh my nose pierce? I think a month it didn't hurt as much. And I had a tongue ring before this so it wasn't much of a shock at all :)

  26. @♥ Ani~熊貓 ♥: I wish it would open sooner because to tell the truth I can't wait any longer. Haha :) Your welcome. <3 And thank you for the compliment ^^

    @Silkybow: Thank you so much! :3 It hurt so much on the first day, It swelled. But now, It's all good. It's been 4 years now. :)

  27. ~You look adorable with that hair. I wish I could do that lolz. Thank you for such sweet comment on my blog ^^. sure! do you want to be each other followers?^^. N the etude house is so tempting lolz
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  28. I love your hair!!!! Which video did you follow? I can't probably do this kind of style to my hair until my hair grows much longer :(

    No wonder I wasn't getting any updates on your blog - I thought I had followed you but I hadn't... >.<

  29. thanks bby, your adorable! followed you (:

    & what's your soompi username?

  30. @~KawaiiParadise~:Thank you! <3 I already followed you! :3 We all love etude house. Lol. ^^

    @Chococcuro: It's the video posted in my last post :3 You should do it. I bet it would look great on you! :3 Oooh. That's why you're not in my dash. :O

    @cocoabee: I followed back. :) My soompi username is forestdoll! <3 Hope we become friends love :3

  31. Aww you look super cute! Makes me want to love my short hair nao~ And I like your style, so simple and pretty as well~

  32. Very very very very nice blog :)!!!
    i love seeing China from your blog
    I study the chinese language :)
    Btw, you have very nice photos :)
    hope you'll visit my blog :D xx
    I follow you, hope you follow me.

  33. great photos girl! followed you cos you're so chic! Love your blog :D

    check out my newest post :D

  34. so cool the photossssssssssssss :D:D
    visit me :D

  35. oh. okei :) i'm going to follow you, can you follow me ? thanks for the comment :)

  36. awww so cute so cute! u're not trying, u ARE cute. LOL and i love your hair...^_^


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