Review: GEO Super Nudy Gray + Abreeza Opening + New Layout

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hi everyone. 

As promised, here is my review on my GEO Super Nudy Gray circle lenses.

images are from candylens.

I wore the these for 3 days straight just to try them out and I would like to point out that they're not that comfortable. I was shocked that they weren't as comfortable as my GEO Fresh Browns because they had the same thickness. They both were pretty thin lenses. My Super Nudy Grays get dry easily and I don't know why. I read reviews of these lens being really comfortable so I was quite disappointed or maybe it's just me and my eyes. Lol. The color of these lens were not necessarily super gray. They looked black at times too. But the gray shows pretty well in flash photography. They enlarge pretty well too oh and by the way these are 14.8mm ones. The one thing I like with these lens is the "halo" effect you get. Eyes look so dreamy when I see this effect. But they don't show always on my eyes -.-" So these lenses are great but don't wear them for more than 5 hours because they get dry quickly and these are great for people who like gray lenses but not in your face gray lenses. These are quite natural looking.

Here are some photos I took of the lens:



Last thursay, a new mall opened (soft opening)  here and I heard that there was an Etude House store and I was disappointed to find out that the EH store was not finished at the moment. I searched the entire mall to look for the EH store and when I found out it's location I hurriedly went there and I just saw an empty room :O The website said that it was going to open on May 24 so just a bit more waiting and it will be finished.

Look at the etude house store, Lol.

I saw a faceshop store but their products are way too overpriced :O

I saw this interesting looking plant there too. I don't know what this is though.

I took this before I entered the mall. See, there are still a lot of unfinished stores.

And lastly, I changed my layout! Do you guys like it? Or do you prefer the old one? Please tell me.

And to end this post, here's a picture of me!


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  1. I have the nudy golden blue and they're almost expired. I should of got greys. T ^ T They seem more wearable without much eye makeup.

  2. i want to buy also nudy gray but after this post im quite hesitant >.< thank you for the review~ I wear my lenses more that 10 hours that's why this pair might not suite me lol

    you look so cute ^_^ post more outfit photos :D

  3. I loove your new layout, I'm currently working on a new layout too, but haven't finished it yet..naw, so tired>.<

  4. Wow the grey nudie lens look great on you !
    Nice layout btw ~

  5. It looks great!
    You have really pretty eyes <3

    I'm your 70th follower now ^^
    Please follow me?

  6. You look so cute in the last picture!! And the grey lens look great on you! =)

  7. The lens looks good on you. Seriously wish I had a new mall opening where I live T_T... most of the shops where I live suck. Won't even dream of having an Asian brand cosmetic store (apart from shiseido) here. Also the new layout looks good :P

  8. great review!
    and you look good in the lenses =)
    I think I will give gray circle lens a try when I get a chance!

    btw I'd like to invite you to enter my Lioele makeup giveaway:

    have a nice weekend x

  9. @Sia: They're really natural looking! I thought they would be in your face grays because the brown nudy lens that my friend had was really brown! :D

    @Yapo: Not for 10 hr lens wearers like us! :D Haha! Thank you! ^^ I will. But I don't know how to match clothes well yet -.-" Haha!

    @Lina: Your layouts are really nice always! :3 I liked the pink panda one the best!

    @Gerrytales: They're really natural looking. I bet they would look great on you too :> Oh my. Thank you so much.

    @Marika xoxo: Thanks for visiting my blog! :D I will visit yours too! And thank you also for the compliments. ^^

    @Athena: I tried hard to look cute with my small eyes :) Haha. Thank you so much ^^

    @Juri: I live in Asia so maybe it has it's advantages. Visit Asia soon! :) Maybe we can meet sometime. Oh my. Thank you! ^^ I'm loving floral prints for the past few months now.

    @Annie: I will check that URL :D Thanks. :*

    @LovelyKimi: Thanks :) <3

  10. uuuu! I really love your new layout~ It's uber kawaii ♥

  11. you are so lovely :3 thanks for the review! iv been wanting to get grey circles and i settled for eos candy greys.

  12. @Anna: Thank you so much <3 :)

    @Ria: Thank you! You're lovely yourself! It's good you didn't get these. I love those lens. I've been wanting to buy those! :)


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