Outfit: Is it too late for a swim?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Scorching weather and bikini's all around. It's been summer for a while now. But, but, but I haven't even once been to a beach or even a pool. Living in a tropical country, It's a summer must to visit the beach. So I'm considered a loser for not going to the beach yet and my classes start next next week so I MUST squeeze in a beach trip in my busy schedule this week. Hopefully, my friends will come too. *crossing fingers*

Anyway, I would just like to share the bikini's that I bought this summer. This post just goes to show that not everything I buy, I use. Haha. But, atleast they're cute. Lol. Is that even a good enough reason? And also, I buy triangle tops because I'm not really big busted sooo a bit of help wouldn't hurt right? Haha.



And someone gave me this one. I love it.


Well, sorry for such a short post. I hope I will get to blog about the beach. I want to go to the beach so bad. Help me.

Wow! 100 followers! I really don't know what to say.
 Thank you for the support even though my blog is not that great -.-"

I have nothing else to say to everyone but thank you and I love you! ^_____^
I'm thinking of hosting a giveaway when I reach 200 or 150 followers. I will wait for Etude House to open here so I can include them in my giveaway!

Once again, thank you everyone and Have a nice day! Bai bai.

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  1. wow such a lovely tops...i think my fav is 2nd...but all of them are very pretty. I envy you (in a good way) that you live in country with beach :) i want tooo >< but here is still cold for swimming....i mus wait for summer (that will begin with luck in maybe 2-3 weeks :D)

  2. ah and btw: congratulate to 100 followers..and i think your blog is really great ^^

  3. waaah a bikini~ I don't have even one pair of them! hahaha... I've always worn a one piece swimsuit instead cuz my chest is small >.< haha..

    and I'll be really waiting your your giveaway ! <3

  4. cute bikinis~ ^^ I'm scared to weat them!! hahaha~ I have a giant butt o___o

  5. Congratulations ♥ 100 followers, yay ♥

    Haha, it was great to read you've been buying bikinki's and didn't even go to the beach once xDD♥ They are very cute, though~

  6. Congrats on 100 followers ~
    and your blog is great !! I like to read your reviews and other stuffs >w<

  7. Haha. I also buy stuffs even though it's not that useful or I'm not using it as long as it's cute. Lol. :D Congrats on having 100 followers! :)) <33


  8. hey good photos
    new post, visit my blog :)

  9. Btw, you have an award! Please check it out.


  10. wooo u have so many! I haven't bought a new bikini since hmmmmmm 2003? hahahaha I don't like the beach...sand everywhere....sun...bad...for...skin

    I know exactly what you mean haha. When I was living in Perth if you don't go to the beach people think you're weird :P

  11. Ahh! I really love the floral bikini top. > u <

  12. cute bikini tops! ♥

    Hello! I've stumbled upon your blog and I think it's great to be friends with you.
    Do you mind if we follow each others' blogs? (*^▽^*)

  13. ;O; Cute bikini tops! I've never been to the beach this year as well. I'm such a loser. Haha~

    I've followed you already ;)

  14. follow for follow!
    i did :D
    check out my new post girl!


  15. @LaPetiteIchigo: I sometimes wish I could live someplace cold for a change because here, even if it's december, it's still scorching hot :) It's so easy to be tan here and so hard to be pale :) And thank you! You're too sweet :) ♥

    @Lina: I bet you'd look superb in a bikini. I wish I'd lose a little bit of tummy fat :O Lol. Thanks ^^ I'm just waiting for Etude House. They keep on extending the opening time T_T I bet the builders are so lazy -.-"

    @Mimi: Thanks! ♥ I think you'd look great! :) Curvy women look the best for me.

    @Mutsumi: Thank you! ^^ Haha. I'm always like that. I buy stuff but never use them -.-" My momma always tells me that I'm so wasteful. Haha XD

    @Juri: Aww ♥ You're so sweet! :) Thank you so much. I'm trying so hard to make my blog better, I'm glad someone liked it. ♥

    @Joanna: Haha. Yaay. Someone like me! XD Thank you! ♥ I will check it now.

    @airam: I will :) Thank you. ♥

    @Louise~ : Thank you :) I wish I can use them though ^^

    @Chococcuro: Hahaha :) Exactly the same here. My friends call me a loser for not going to the beach yet. Haha. ♥

    @Sia: It's my personal favorite too! *u* ♥

    @Kristen: Thank you! :) I will check your blog later. ♥

    @Hercy: Thanks! :) Haha. We're both losers. ♥

    @Florence: I will. Haven't been online for a while :)

  16. whoops! followed again XD


  17. Your bikini tops are adorable! And congrats on 100+ followers =D

  18. Aww sweetie, thanks so much for the follow! <3

  19. aww, swimming ;D
    It's never too late to have fun~ ♥

  20. hi thanks for the nice comment on my blog :)
    oh you don't have an etude house nearby? where in the philippines are you from?

  21. Thank you soooo much for your comment on my blog! I really love these lips as well, they are sexy and u are right, the first one is kind of kawaii because of the fancy colors :D

    I really love these bikinis! I like the second one the most! PINK! *__*~ ♥

    So, last thing to say: I really like your blog, it's pretty and interesting - I'm a new follower! :D


  22. congratulations for 100 followers! i myself also just hit this mark :D

    i like the bikinis you bought! especially the first one >w<

  23. congratulations for your 108 followers (now), haha. your blog growing up so fast! :)

    dejoiss ❤


  24. ohh, congrats! love the first bikini :D


  25. congrats on your 100 followers! (+8 now haha)

    i like the blue bikini top! cute cute ^-^

    Oh and you should check out pinky paradise for the neo lenses! (:

  26. love it so much!! check out my newest silly post !


  27. Hey marion!!!! :) I LOVE YOUR BIKINI COLLECTION!!! So jealous! :3
    IDK, in US, its totally time to swim<3
    yes yes! lets be friends! hehe thanks for finding me on soompi!

  28. what country are you from? :P
    the swimsuits look cute :D

  29. i love the swimsuittss :D

    and i love hamsters too :3 hurdur.


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