Haul: Chinatown False Eyelashes

Monday, May 02, 2011

First of all, thank you to my new followers! :3

Sorry for not updating more often, I have class daily (excluding Sunday) and I haven't got any free time. So frustrating. I wish I had more free time on my hands, so that I can sleep and blog! Hohoho. Anyway, about my haul, I went to the part of town where there are stores which sell items that are all directly from China. All things are cheap there. And we like that, ne? I came across a store selling cheap hair accessories and I went inside to take a look. I saw lots of pretty hair ties and pretty hair clips. Mostly pink and glittery! But but but! When I reached the back portion, I saw them! The False Lashes!!! There were a lot of them! And they were all for 20php or for $0.85 dollars each, I think. They may not be Dollywink lashes but they were cheap and I thought, what the heck. I bought 6 pairs and they cost me a fraction of what those expensive lashes cost. They seem good but a bit flimsy. But I can't complain for the price. Haha. I have only tried 1 pair though and it seemed okay. Nothing super bad happened. I took some pictures of the lashes ~


Cheap cheap falsies *u*

Gyaru falsies. I love these!

Simple and girly lashes.

For dolly eyes :)

I really like these crisscross lashes too. Omo.

These ones make eyes look flirty and sexy!

To compare, here's me without false lashes:

Here's me with false lashes on:

To be honest, I have really short and sparse lashes. Haha. I'm so jealous of people with long lashes. Even my Boyfriend has longer lashes than me. Does anyone know how to make lashes grow longer? I will write another entry soon! Hope you guys like this one.

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  1. never used a full fake lashes before.ehehe... But it looks nice on you ^^

  2. i also have very short lashes T.T
    I like most is the one with really black and voluminous type :D

  3. @Lina♥: Awww. Thanks :3 I bet you already have long lashes! ;)

    @Yapo♥: My short lash sister. ^^ Haha. I like that the most too. You can pull these lashes off really well, and I don't know if I can :( Haha.

  4. Nyuu~! They look so good on you Mar. ^^

  5. @Kim: Thanksss :3 <3 I need to practice putting fake lashes on! ^^

  6. they look super pretty on you :D there are different medicines that you can use to make your lashes grow, i know one advertized everywhere here is called Latisse and makes your eyelashes grow longer :) and some mascaras have stuff in them to help too :)

  7. Wow cheap lashes! :o:o they look really nice on you ^__^

    i like the flirty and sexy lashes. so pretty :D

  8. chinese brand eyelashes are inexpensive and i got those 10 pairs per box and they are even cheaper XD

    I have short eyelashes too and I know they would never long (unless putting on some sort of eyelash lengthener) ~_~

  9. they look so natural on you~ >.<
    for leghtening the lashes maybe u can try from DHC one? they have a lot good review :D
    btw youre so pretty Marion xD
    do u live in china?

  10. I've heard that putting extra olive virgin oil helps the growth of eyelashes... It would take time though. Nice lashes btw~

  11. I'm sorry for not commenting your previous entries o(;A;)o I didn't know where was your comment button until now.. Stupid me!!!! (>A<;;) Ah, I have all types of the lashes above there and my fave is the last one! (^O^)♥♥

  12. Those eyelashes looks really pretty! I too, have short lashes. I heard olive oil makes them longer o.o or something like that lol.

  13. @Aerie: Oh my. Thank you so much! :) ♥ I tried the mascaras with lash growers but it didn't help a bit. Lol. My lashes didn't even budge. Haha. I'm really hopeless. LOL.

    @Sandy: I also found it hard to believe that it was that cheap :) They didn't look too bad. Lol. Thank you so much~!♥ I have these super short lashes :O So I needed these.

    @Pixie: The lady who sold these told me that if I buy 10 pairs or more, I can have a discount. Maybe these would be much cheaper like yours. :3 Yay. I have a fellow short lashed sister ♥

    @Yurina: I'm in the Philippines now. Aww. Thank you so much Yurina :) I have lots of acne now :( I don't know why. I can't find the DHC one here :( I want to try that too. Did you try it? ♥

    @Juri: Thank you! :D I tried olive oil and it's a bit oily on my eyelids. Haha!

    @Rabbito: Sure. It's no problem ♥♥♥ I have no idea how to show how many comments there is on a post. Do you know how? ^^ I like those too. So girlyyy. ♥ But I have to practice more! *u*

    @Krishuang: Thank you so much! :3 Fellow short lashed sisterrrr ♥ I tried that but I had these small bumps near my eyelids :O Haha!

  14. OOhhh i like the lashes!! :D

    & you have a tongue ring!! I kinda want one , but idk haha

  15. @Jessica: They're cheap! :D So we'll like them more! :D Oh, my tongue ring? It's been with me for almost 5 years now. ^^

  16. I really like those Sakura brown. /envy T ^ T

    Saw your comment, let's be friends \(^ u ^)/

  17. @Sia: They're really pretty on Asian eyes :D I bet you would look great in them! <3 Yaaay. New friend ^^


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