Review: Maybelline Diamond Glow Palette - Wine Pink

Friday, April 22, 2011

I've been looking for a cute pink palette for a really long time now, something cheap but well worth the price. Passing by the Maybelline counter, I saw these shadows and with their really cute packaging, and I couldn't resist buying one. They had 6 palettes available: 01 Copper Brown, 02 Wine Pink, 03 Gray Pink, 04 Ocean Blue, 05 Fresh Green, 06 Lilac Mauve. Being a complete sucker for anything pink and glittery, I decided to go for the pink one. 

See how kawaii looking the colors are? These are not as pigmented as some other shadow palettes but for the price, how can I complain. I would advice to apply them wet.  IMO, they look more pigmented when applied wet. Here are some swatches: 

All in all, this palette is nice for those who are looking for a cheap pink palette for everyday use. And by the way, the primer I used here is Etude house proof 10 eyeshadow primer, which I really really like too. I thought that these would be too shimmery but upon wearing these shadows, the shimmers aren't really overpowering. With a primer these shadows lasted the whole night on my very very oily lids.

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  1. The colors look great ! :) I actually have the Purple/Green one, don't know the name :p and they're amazing <3

  2. @Sandy: Hi love. Thanks :3 They're so cheap and they are kinda like Japanese eye palettes! :) I just followed you now! <3

  3. Hi! Thanks for following :)

    Haha I'm a sucker for anything pink and glittery too XD

    I'm kinda new to blogspot too but welcome!
    & I'll look forward to your future posts ^-^

  4. oh I was planning on getting one of those *-*
    they look really pretty
    ps: thanks for following, cute blog you got here ^^

  5. yayy comments are on! (:
    & I love pink stuff too!! ^^ & your blog is so cute~ ><

  6. @Jessica: I know. I don't get girls who don't like pink ^^ <3

    @Nana: No problem. :) Your blog is really cute too. We are of the same age too! <3 You should get this one, the other palettes aren't this good though, IMO. :3

    @Mimi: Hi! ^^ I turned the comments on for you! <3 Hihi. Thank you mimi. I love your blog too!

  7. Oh my boyfriend gave me the same pallet!
    I love the colors really much but I think they are to shimmery...

    Very nice blog!! :D

  8. @Tailiya: I love pink and shimmery stuff so maybe that's why I like this ;3 Haha. But sometimes, I choose matte palettes over the shiny ones too.

    Thanks <3


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