Review: GEO XTRA Sakura Brown (WIA24)

Monday, May 02, 2011

Finally. They arrived. Say hello to my new pair of circle lens. I never really had a pair of circle lens that would last more than 4 months or so. I don't know why I'm so unlucky with them. Or maybe, I'm just too dumb and clumsy. My first lens was GEO Angel Brown and I didn't mean it but I accidentally tore the left one, not a small tear but a medium one, almost near the center of the lens. Sigh. The second one was GEO Nudy Blue and I really didn't like them on me to be honest so I bought another pair, they were GEO Black ones, I forgot the code. And when I went to vacation for a month or so, I didn't bring them with me and when I got back home, they both were completely dried out and they looked so crunchy. I was so sad to see them in that state. Lol. I felt really bad for the poor poor lens. They were just like people traped in a room with no water to drink. So being frustrated with the loss of my two lenses, I decided to buy another pair, GEO Fresh Brown. I loved these lenses! These were the most comfortable lens I ever put in my eyes! But as they said, All good things come to an end. I accidentally dropped my Fresh Brown lens which I loved the most in the sink. I was never really good at handling small and fragile object though. But.... because I love circle lenses, I decided to try my luck again and buy a new pair, which I hope will stay with me longer than 4 months.


Here's the bottle!

The lens looks like candy!

I really love the design of these lens and they look really nice with or without flash. They don't look too over the top so you can definitely wear them everyday. They make my eyes look really big and dolly looking. I love the design of these lenses than any of my previous ones. I'm planning to get the pink or green ones next. Or maybe the Princess Mimi ones. Or or or maybe a couple pairs. Well, back to the review, the brown part is opaque but at the same time it looks jelly like. I can't explain it well but these lens are really flattering. I wore these for 9 hours to school and it's not as comfortable as my Fresh Brown lens but these are pretty comfortable, though it was kind of dry as the day progressed but nothing super uncomfortable, I just applied drops and I was good to go.

The bottom line:

Enlarges really well!
Color is opaque and really nice to look at.
Comfortable :)
Many online stores sell them, it's not hard to find.

If you have dry eyes, to avoid discomfort you may apply drops because these lens are quite dry when you wear them for a long period of time.

Other than that, I have no other complaints because, I love them!

Here's what they look on me.

The lens on my eyes.

The lens on my eyes + False Lashes! Love them!

Omo. Bye bye. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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  1. Hopefully something bad won't happen to the new lenses! :)

    Your eyes are so big!!! @_@ *jealous*
    I can't wear anything bigger than 14.2 T-T

  2. @Jessica: Aawww. Thank you! :> I hope so too :( I will be broke if I damage any more lenses. Haha. They look quite small without the lens though :3 I wore eyelid tape there too! :3

  3. it looks natural on you. I've been thinking about getting a pair but I'm torn with GEO xck 105 >.<

  4. @Lina: Really? Thank you! <3
    That's the black one right? :D I also liked that! It's really nice too. Gives a really dolly eye! ^^

  5. Pretty eyes! They match you very well :D I want circle lens but then I would be too scared to put them in. I'll probably get contacts then yeah... Start from there lol :3

  6. hi!
    nice review!!! I didn't know that these lens are also available with 15.00mm! *_* it looks so good on you! now I want these lens too x3

    thx for your comment and for following me! <3
    you're also followed by me *3*


  7. ouu they look great on youuuu <3 so pretty in them (: great review ^__^

  8. those lenses look really good on you!
    pretty marion~ ^^

  9. @Krishuang: Thank you so much! :) How about 14mm circle lens? They're not that big but they can also give you pretty dolly eyes. Try those too ^^

    @kim♥: Thank you so much! :D Yes. GEO has 15mm lens too! The designs are so pretty. I want to buy several pair *u* But I need to save first! Lol :)

    @Sandy♥: Omo. You make me blush :"> Thank you so much! <3 Thanks for liking it. I tried pretty hard. I'm not much of a blogger. :D

    @Yurina: Thank you so much Yurina. :3 I bet these would look great on you too! <3

  10. OOOO~ The lenses look nice on you!~ ^^ I'm sorry to hear about the sad story of your dried up lenses~ T___T I hope nothing bad happens with these!~ >< They're really pretty!

  11. I love the effect on the lenses! i wanted to get them once but i think they were too big for my eyes. oh well :(

  12. Hello :)
    the sakura lens look awesome on you, very pretty~~
    Like you i also had the GEO angel brown and black lens. I once dried out my brown lens but I soaked them back into life with contact solution, just have to wait 24hrs and it was all good~
    and replying to your comment I would love to be your friend that shares interest in gyaru ^^

  13. @mimi: Oooh. Thank you so much *u* This design is really flattering! I hope so too. I'm too clumsy with things -.-"

    @Yunnie: Thanks! :) I thought so too but I bought them anyway :D They're not as easy to put on as the 14mm ones but it's worth it. They look better than those :D

    @Juri: Omo. Thank you so much sweetie <3 Really? I will find my dried up lens and try that. Hope it works. They looked so terrible -.-" I'm a klutz when it comes to taking care of things. Lol. I'm happy that we're friends now! ^^

  14. these lenses show up so well on u n also photograph =D!
    but i couldnt wear 15mm coz... I have small eyes *cry*

  15. @Pixie: I also thought that they wouldn't fit my eyes but they fit :O I was amazed. You should try them :D They're really nice! ♥


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