Photo Diary: Holy Week ♥

Sunday, April 24, 2011

With the celebration of Easter Sunday, Holy Week has now ended. Unlike many people that made Holy Week their vacation, me and my mom, decided to just stay at home and not make Holy Week a chance to go to other places. Me, my mom and sister spent Holy Week together at home and we went to the church too. Here are some random photos I took this week! ~

Churches are really beautiful, ne?
Some leftover wax from the beautiful royal blue candles.
Pretty pretty pink flowers growing on the sidewalk.
Vintage church chandelier. I want something like this in my room!
Stained Glass! So pretty!
The podium in the church. It's white and has gold trimming.
I went to the cake shop to look for some yummy cakes.

The wall and ceiling looked very appealing.


What did you do this past week?
Tell me all about it! :)

Please excuse my makeup-less face. Lol :D I'm trying to look cute!
Bye bye ~

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  1. Ooh I like the tone of all your pictures :)

    & the ceiling looks so cool! I want that haha

  2. I agree with eeunssun,you did a good job with all tone of all your pics!Do u learn about photography or something like that? I'm bad with camera T_T..

    Love the chocolate cake!<3

  3. thx for following my blog sweetie ^^
    already followed yours..
    and yeah, youre so great in taking a photograph..
    maybe u can post some tips in taking a picture or how to make it looks more beautifull? :3

  4. @Jessica: Thanks love! <3 I want that in our house too. I never noticed that the ceiling in that building looked so great :3

    @Lovely CosMe: Thank you so much :"> You make me blush. I don't take lessons. I just mess with the photoshop and other editing softwares. :) <3

    @Yurina: No problem. I love yours :) <3 Thank you! :) I will post a tutorial soon, for you! :3 But I'm not that good though! :)

  5. (: your blog is so adorable and so are you! I laughed when you kept calling it "holy week" in your post!

  6. beautiful photos <3 i love the church chandeleir and those sweets look delcious!!

  7. you take such lovely photos!

    and gosh! thank you! :3

  8. Hihi~ I just saw your comment on my blog :3 I followed you ~ :D

    Lots of yummy cakes! <3

  9. Oh and you can follow me by copying and pasting my URL on the add button on your dashboard :3 have fun using blogspot~ hehe

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog :)
    My blog layout looks horrendous compared to yours wad! D:
    And I love all the photos, they look really pretty!

  11. @vonny: You're too sweet! :3 I'm always like that, when I have a word in my mind I always use it in my sentences! Haha. Hope it doesn't freak you out or anything! :) Lol.

    @Augustalolita: Thanks for dropping by! <3 :)

    @Jin: No problem and thank you so much. :*

    @Krishuang: I will follow you now :3 Thanks for dropping by! :D

    @Cindy: Noooo. I want your layout. It looks so peaceful :3 <3

  12. Your blog is so cute!! Love all the pictures in this post!! =)

  13. @Athena: Omo. Thank you so much! :3 <3


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