Hello and welcome back Blue Hair! I missed you a lot! 

Please excuse the vague blog post, I'm writing this as I'm wolfing down a glorious burrito. <3

SUPER glad to have blue hair again. I'm so thankful to have a job that allows mermaid hair! So stoked to dye my hair again all the time!! 

By the way, useless thoughts inside my brain RN:
1.) Been obsessed with looking for the perfect nude lipstick. I blame Kylie Jenner and her pretty lips for this, NEED HELP!
2.) Ignoring colored clothes for a while. I blame the blue hair for this.
3.) Bottom ends have turned to mush. So I've been applying hair masks like crazy
4.) PANDAS ON MY SHIRT, Hell yes. 

Shirt - Gift from Japan
Skorts & Leather Bagpack c/o Jessica Buurman
Rosary - F21
Sneakers - VANS

XOXO, Marion


Black Leather Bagpack

It's been a while, hello everyone! I've been so busy with werq lately and I've been looking like crap for a while already so I decided to dye my hair back to blue! I decided to go for an ombre look with blue and darker parts at the bottom. I'm kind of digging the blue hair again so maybe in a couple of weeks, I'll have a whole head of blue hair again! Let's see. ;)

By the way, I've been obsessed with my black leather rucksack from Jessica Buurman lately! I HAVE BEEN USING IT NON STOP SINCE I GOT IT. Insane! It goes with everything, I swear! By the way, my shirt has the Colossal Titan on it! OMG. Who else watches Attack On Titan here? I've been waiting for the second season since FOREVER!!!!

Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin Shirt | UNIQLO
Sneakers | New Balance
Black Leather Bagpack c/o Jessica Buurman

Thank you my bff Resty for taking these abrupt photos LOL <3
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