More black and white

Surprise, surprise! More black and white from me. I think this blog sincerely lacks colors; not that I'm complaining. 

It's becoming super super hot here. It's normally 35 - 40 degrees here now so when it was raining the other day, I took the chance to wear my new crop sweater from WalkTrendy. I take advantage of any chance I get to wear sweaters and jackets. How I wish for consistent cold weather. I think I should move to another country soon! The weather here makes me want to sport shirts and shorts all the time when I go out. Any more than that, I'll definitely sweat like a pig. The sad reality of this place.... 

Thanks for listening to my short but sweet rant about the scalding weather! Haha!

PS. I linked the sweater, check it out! It's SO CUTE! <3


Black and white striped cropped sweater c/o WalkTrendy
Black Skinny Jeans - Forever21
White Watch - Puma
Shoes & Black Sling Bag c/o Jessica Buurman


It's always dreadful to wear pants in this scorching weather but these silk pants are a joy to wear. They're super comfortable and I love how it makes basic pieces like my sporty gray shirt and Adidas slides look more chic! 

Also, I've been avoiding colors like the plague. Lol! Even in my lipsticks. I'm wearing more muted stuff. IDK why. It's just been my jam lately! ;p I've been especially addicted to the Colourpop Lippie Stix in Lumiere which I just got! (I'll do a haul post soon!) Anyway, this black crossbody bag has been my go to bag recently and it suits all my colorless outfits! Love it. <3

I need to go out and buy some bathroom stuff so I'll see you guys soon!


T-Shirt, Floral Silk Pants: Forever 21
Black Sling Bag c/o Jessica Buurman
Pool Slide Sandals: Adidas
Lipstick: Colourpop Lippie Stix - Lumiere (Kathleen Lights, Hey girl!<3)


Just the perfect outfit for the bipolar rainy x sunny weather that we're having now. This outfit is definitely a no brainer. By the way, I love how huge my new leather tote is. It's practically almost as big as my upper body. LOL. Gigantic bags are always close to my heart as I love carrying a lot of useless stuff with me on an everyday basis. XD

Oh by the way, I'll be making more reviews mid-march! I'm finally going to have more time on my hands so.... that'll be fun! I think this is a useless entry but I love how the outfit looks nonetheless. See you soon guys! 

XO, Marion

Tshirt - Adidas 
Shorts - Forever 21
Sneakers - Jessica Buurman 
Black Tote Bag - Jessica Buurman 


It's been a while guys! How have you been? :)

Been fascinated with sports luxe looks recently and I'm addicted. I'm buying more sporty clothes ASAP for sure! Please notice these killer sneakers from Jessica Buurman! I'm loving them and wearing them constantly when I'm going out. Love love love that they remind me of Nike Roshe Runs that I've been wanting to buy forever but I can't find them here. Lol. Ph Nike needs to step their game up! -__- Well anyway, hope you guys love this short but sweet entry! See you soon. <3

XOXO, M // @forestdoll