boyfriend jeans

Hello beautiful people!

I've been cruising on the really laid back vibe lately. Attempting to go all Alexa Chung effortless, but just NO she is just too perfect even without really trying. Hope I didn't look too off though. I got new boyfriend jeans / pants from Jessica Buurman and they're the epitome of perfection. I love the amount of shred and distress, it's just perfect! I think I'll be wearing these babies quite a lot for summer! I bet they'd look great with dressy heels. Hmm. Let's just see! ;)

BTW, I'm thinking of making outfit videos instead because omg there's simply no one to take my outfit photos and that's why I'm not blogging a lot. I think a video is easier to do as I don't have a remote for my dslr. Or idk. What do you guys think? Tell meeee! <3

Talk to you guys soon! 
x, Marion

White Shirt | Forever21
Priest Ripped Jeans / Boyfriend Pants | Jessica Buurman
Studded Pointed Flats | Forever21
Canvas Bag | From Japan


casual day

We've been blessed with pretty awesome weather lately and I've been using sweaters quite a lot! Sweaters mixed with anything; skirts, jeans, shorts, leggings, everything wearable really and OH covers my crotch! I wish the weather was like this all the time though, but we all know the weather and it's bitchy attitude. It never seems to take our side. Lol.

And also on a side note, I've been loving snapbacks and caps lately! IDK why but short hair looks extra great with caps. <3 <3 <3

Talk to you guys soon!
x, Marion

Chicago Snapback | Terranova
Camouflage Sweater | Forever21
Denim Shorts | Forever21
MAPEL Sandals // Isabel Marant HOLDEN pool slide slippers replica c/o Jessica Buurman

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