noir et blanc

Beanie and Top c/o Jessica Buurman
Skirt: Forever21
Bucket Bag: Forever21
Sneakers: Converse

Been loving black and white outfits with red lips lately and I think it's growing into such a huge addiction. My black and white converse sneakers are so overused and I think that I've been ignoring all my other shoes just to use these babies. Ah and IDK why but I've been digging hats for the past few days too. I can't just seem to leave the house without a hat nowadays. Not complaining though. I really do love hats. I'm planning to buy a few more snapbacks when I have the time and the $$$! *praying to God for some hat money* BTW, don't you just love this Beanie?! It's so adorable!!! <3 <3 <3

Sorry for rushing this entry guys! I promise to write a longer one when i have the time! Please don't leave me. Xoxo


My first real heartbreak

I have gone through a few breakups but it's quite weird because I never really understood what it meant to have your heart break until now.

I thought heartbreaks only existed for one day. 
I thought heartbreaks were gone after you ate a cone of ice cream or maybe even a slice of cake. 
I thought heartbreaks were gone after going shopping. 
I thought heartbreaks were gone after getting a new hairstyle.
I THOUGHT, but I was wrong.

It's been a while but my heart still breaks.
From the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep.
Heartbreaks don't go away.
They stay with you and haunt you forever. 
You cry endlessly thinking about the past, present and future.
You blame yourself and you stop appreciating everything good about yourself.
You begin to imagine what an ugly person you are inside and out.
Before you know it, you will hate yourself.
Losing the person you thought was your soul mate was hard enough, right? 
But now, you will also slowly lose another important person. 

I miss my ex-boyfriend but I hate him.
I hate him for leaving me all alone. 
I hate him for giving me my first real heartbreak. 


Tears streaming down my face as I type this. I hope after typing everything I felt, I will slowly forgive myself. Sweaters are lovely companions for sad & depressed people like me so I was excited to wear this lovely watercolor sweater from Jessica Buurman! Ah. I really need to get my mind out of the whole break up. I need to get better and to cheer up. But the question is, HOW? I've been trying to but I just can't. I think I'll be in the slumps for a while and I think I will dread every single day. I miss being happy. Sigh.

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